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Natural baths


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Natural baths

Natural baths

Naturopathy is based on Panchabhuta philosophical principles. Many things are mentioned in it as medical norms.

In particular, the daily habits of man are framed with a theoretical understanding.

Bathing is the most important of them. The Tamil community was the only one in the human society to have established norms for bathing.

Natural baths are medicinal baths based on naturopathy. Let’s know their benefits.


Sunbathing are one of the natural baths where sunbathing the whole body for 15 or 20 minutes in places like house floor, open ground, beach etc.

Adequate sun bathing will flush out the body’s waste water through the sweat pores. By this, the skin will be firm and then the blood circulation will be normal.

Germs that stick outside the skin are killed. If people who have low bile and also heat energy in the body take a sun bath, the energy of bile will increase and the heat will also increase.

The role of sunbathing in detoxifying the body is immense. Sunbathing balances the secretion of hormones and also relieves insomnia.

Vitamin D is good for skin, bones and also eyes as it is naturally rich in sunlight.

So avoid sunbathing during hot summers.


Mud bath

For mud bath, the ground can be dug to a depth of three to four feet and the soil from the depth can be taken. If not, you can take dirty cancer soil. The soil should not contain stones or chemical compounds.

While the patient is sitting or lying down, knead the soil and apply it on the body. A mud bath can be done for 45 to 60 minutes. Once the mud bath is over, the mud applied to the body dries up.

Sprinkle cold or warm water all over the patient’s body to remove it. Avoid mud baths if you have a cold.


Cools the body, dilutes and absorbs toxins.
This treatment is also useful for anorexia, tension headaches, high blood pressure, skin diseases, etc.
Regulates blood flow. Balances the pH level in the body.
Keeping the cleaned soil for 30 minutes will remove the dirt from the skin and make it shiny.
After 30 minutes of applying the clay on the face and washing it off with cold water, the blackheads will disappear. It treats dark circles under the eyes.
If used on the eyes, it can be used as a solution for problems such as conjunctivitis, inflammation, itching, allergies, conjunctivitis.


Steam bath

Wear simple light clothing while taking a steam bath. Take a steam bath for 15 to 20 minutes. It helps in removing toxins and waste from the body. It rejuvenates the skin and restores youth. Finish eating one hour before steam bath. Otherwise digestive disorders will occur. Before going to the steam bath, drink plenty of water as the body temperature will rise and sweat more than usual in the steam room.

After the steam bath, take a cold water bath. This will rejuvenate the cells. Take head, hand, foot and foot steam treatment  separately.


Banana leaf Bath

Banana leaf bath is the main herbal bath in naturopathic medicine. It is better to take a banana bath while wearing thin cotton clothes. Then wrap banana leaves over the body and tie it with banana fiber or rope. Make a small opening only in the nose area for breathing. It is better to take banana leaf bath around 7 to 9 am.

Women can take banana bath for 10 minutes and men for half an hour. Sun rays fall on banana leaves to flush out toxins from the body. The body will have immunity. The wastes and fat stored in the body will dissolve and the body will lose weight. Do this once a month or more often as per the doctor’s prescription.

You should urinate before taking a banana leaf bath. There is nothing wrong with eating simple foods.


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