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Get on the bus and do shopping!


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Get on the bus and do shopping!

Get on the bus

Only a few people are satisfied with buying clothes by touching them with their hands. But the Covid period has shifted everyone to online shopping.

As for online, the color in the photo will be different and the color of the dress we will get in our hand after we order will be different.

Although this gives some dissatisfaction, people still don’t like to go in crowded places. PIKBIG Bus was introduced for them. Shopping on my bus?!

“Yes… Our bus will arrive at your location with all the clothes you need.

You can shop as per your wish,” says Karthik from Chennai.

My hometown is Nagercoil. I studied MBA and worked in a private company. But I don’t want to work in that field.

So I chose e-commerce to start my own business. Since my father was absent at that time, I could not concentrate fully on the business I had started.

I started looking at the business that my father was looking after. I wanted to do another business with the income that came from it. Have had a personal interest in the fields of agriculture and fashion since childhood.

So I started involving myself in agriculture first. Agriculture means not cultivating paddy outside the field.

A nursery-like setting. Here I started selling not only flowers but also vegetables, fruits and seeds for planting gardens. Some people have land and ask them to set up a garden on it.

I will arrange flower plants and fruit trees, coconut grove etc. according to their wishes. Some people have a lawn around their house.

I will do that too” he started this clothes shop four years ago.

“Just like agriculture is my passion, so is fashion. I personally don’t read everything for this. I learned everything through experience.

Normally I know the basics of coloring combination. After that I also got to know about the quality of fabrics and their character.

It was on that basis that our clothing store PIKBIG started operating in Nagercoil and Chennai. Only certain designs are available here.

Because we carefully select all the designs.

I have a personal fashion team for this. They go to places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kanchipuram, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Poona, Surat etc.

I will choose from that. And one design means it comes in all sizes. When we first started, we started as an online store.

Usually the clothes online are not the same as the photo shown on it. But our clothes look exactly like what you see in the photo.

We started this store because people who bought online wanted to buy in person. We have a shop not only in Chennai but also in Nagercoil. Bus Idea is the next stage of my store.

When I told the house about this project, everyone said that it would not work.

I just stubbornly thought of coming up with a clothes shop concept on the bus.

I started saving separately for this and set it up.

This project was when I started the shop. But I wanted to fully implement this project only when the covid hit.

Because at that time many people hesitated to go to the meeting.

I wanted to take the clothes shop to their house. That’s why I built this bus. But during covid I could not set it up completely.

I started building this bus with the income from farming. As I prepared the bus bit by bit to get the money, I was not able to complete it completely in the time I had planned.

But after setting up the bus, many people started coming to the shop after seeing it.

“As for the bus, it needs a little more convenient and bigger space to stop. Can’t stop on a busy street. Women choose clothes just by looking at them.

So the bus should stop for at least one hour without any interruption. Only then you can shop without tension.

Initially, we started moving to bigger bungalows and flats because we needed a place to stay.

After that middle class people also started listening to the bus in their residence. Our bus now goes to many apartment and gated communities.

Although the designers choose the clothes for us, we also design 20% of them ourselves.

Soon we are going to launch clothes under our own brand name.

And because we shop all over India, we are able to offer dresses in a variety of designs.
In fact we currently have more than 300 designs of clothes. As for the bus, even if a customer asks for it, we take it to their home.

As we now have a bus, we are able to deliver by appointment only.

We need at least three buses to go all over Chennai. We are working on it.

And in the coming years, our bus will run all over Tamil Nadu,” said Karthik.


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