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You will be the light for yourself


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You will be the light for yourself

You will be the light

Confidence Tricks!


A lot of people are inferior. Studies show that counseling is now on the rise as negative thoughts appear to be something that cannot be faced with courage.

Naturopathic doctor N. Radhika shares how to come out of this situation and develop self-confidence naturally. Don’t do what seems wrong!

If something seems wrong to you, and if it seems that you will get into trouble, never do it for anything or anyone.


Be clear about what needs to be said. If you want to say something, say it clearly. Having said this, don’t worry about what other people think.
When you say what you need to say patiently and also clearly, others will understand better what you mean. If you say what you want to say, the thing that is pressing in your mind will also be resolved. So you will be the light for yourself.



Don’t live for others


Learn to be yourself. Some people like you. Some will hate you, don’t worry. We cannot always satisfy those around us and also those who depend on us. So, feel free to do whatever feels right for you.

It is enough to have a conscious intention of not harming anyone. What is yours will come to you. Don’t criticize others or feel sorry for yourself by thinking that you are pleasing others.


Respect your intuition


Do what your intuition tells you is good. Never do it if you don’t feel right and also it doesn’t feel right. Because your intuition never lies to you. It will definitely tell you what is good and then what is bad.


Don’t talk down


Don’t be little, or talk down to yourself. Every person created by God is unique. Everyone has unique qualities for sure. Many people suffer without realizing it.

So never talk bad about yourself. When you talk like that, you are hiding the positive things you have.


Don’t lose your dreams


Don’t give up on your goals and also dreams for anything. Never back down from it. Believe me, if not today, it will definitely happen tomorrow.

Gradually build up your pursuit of dreams. Surely it will be fulfilled in one day. So you will be the light for yourself.


Don’t hesitate to say “no”:


If it’s something you don’t like, don’t, feel free to say no if it doesn’t feel right.

Don’t hesitate to get stuck in it because of what they will think if you say it.


Say “yes” boldly


Never be afraid to say yes to the things you love. Don’t say no to anyone out of inferiority complex or fear.

Don’t miss out on good opportunities that come your way.


Count the positive things


Always keep yourself motivated and then not tired.

Do not expect sympathy or empathy for yourself. Whatever it is, believe that you can.


Avoid impossible things

If it’s something you can’t control, let it go, no matter how important it is.

Let it go and then think about what to do next. Also stay away from those who smile.


Make love


Love everyone around you like parents, siblings, relatives and also friends.

Love is the only thing that keeps multiplying good things for us. Our inferiority complex and also fear hinder our progress.

So, take heart and be careful to move forward. success guaranteed.


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This post is also available in: Tamil