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Gongura is a type of lettuce that grows in tropical regions. In India, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu like to eat this Gongura.

It is into three types based on the color of the bully circle. It is in light red, dark red and green colors. Hibiscus sabdariffa and also oxalis corniculate are different. A lot of people think of it as one and use it.

It grows to a height of two to two and a half meters. Pulicha keerai is a small plant with thin leaves with yellow flowers. Tangerine is widely used as “Gongura” in Andhra Pradesh, “Ambadi” in Maharashtra and “Chokri” in Manipur.

Its business name is ‘Rosal’. A kind of fiber is extracted from its stem. The ‘combat helmet’ made from this yarn was used by the soldiers during the Second World War.

Shirts made from this material are ‘Shakloth’ and are worn on Ash Wednesday. It is one of the most ancient types of lettuce.

It is also Gongura , cassini spinach, kachurai, kachakeerai.

100 g of sour spinach contains 8.7% carbohydrates, 3.5% protein, 0.3% fat, fiber-17%. Vitamin A-1000 IU, Vitamin C-2.3 mg, Thiamin 0.2 mg, Riboflavin 0.4 mg, Niacin 1.4 mg, Calcium-240 mg, Phosphorus 37 mg, Magnesium 51 mg, Contains iron-5 mg.

The flowers of tamarind, called bulli, contain abundant ‘androcyanin’ pigment. As an excellent antioxidant, it helps in cancer prevention.

It also contains beta carotene which is a great antioxidant that benefits the body. As it is rich in vitamin A, it is a remedy for eyesight.

In Agathiyar Gunavakadam, it is that if you eat this vegetable, you will get rid of tegam, get rid of hunger and also lethargy, get pleasure from home life, increase sperm count and strengthen your body.

It is a pleasure enhancer (stimulates libido). Dehydrates the skin and acts as a laxative. It is a vegetable and also pickle.

Those who want to lose weight should boil three leaves of sour spinach in two cups of water and drink it. If you do this continuously for three months, you will lose weight. It dissolves unnecessary fats and then cleans the blood.

Grind its leaves for tumors that appear in the body, and the tumor will ripen and break. If you crush the flowers of sour spinach and then add sugar and honey and drink it, hoarseness of the throat, sore throat, intestinal ulcers will heal, body heat will subside and cool down. It is ‘Sorrel’ fruit juice in many countries
They lie down.

Sour spinach leaves-3, add a little cumin and boil it well in a glass of water and drink it, the fat in the blood dissolves and then it controls high blood pressure.

If you eat sour spinach at least twice a week, the body will get rid of unnecessary salts, acids and alkalis. It contains the necessary calcium, phosphorus and magnesium to strengthen bones and also muscles. So, as soon as we see sour spinach in the markets, we buy it and cook it.


Gongura powder

Ingredients needed

Gongura -1 bunch, Cumin-10 gm, Fenugreek-10 gm, Fenugreek-5 gm, Coriander powder-10 gm, Chili-8 to 12, Ulundam dal-10 gm

Salt as needed

Garlic- 5 cloves and a little bit of curry leaves, fry them in good oil in a pan until golden color, after it cools down, grind it and eat it as a side dish for idli, dosa and mashed in rice.

Due to this, stomach sluggishness, loss of appetite, satiety get rid of and the body becomes strong. If you grind the above mentioned ingredients well and then season them with mustard and oil, a delicious tamarind paste is ready.


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This post is also available in: Tamil