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Live together with animals!


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Live together with animals!


Animals in zoos cannot survive in the wild. They live in the park, losing all the features of the forest structure and how to find food for themselves there.

Here we have brought animals that were living freely in the forest for their daily food and waiting for others.

I am doing this work so that similar animals should not be inside cage,” says Yamini.

He hails from Rajapalayam and is doing animal rescue as his full-time job.

Yamini, who goes there at any time, goes beyond the spirit of service, and it is his love for those living beings that has made him engage in this work.

My hometown is Chennai. My house is next to Vandalur zoo. And my great grandmother used to work in a snake farm in Vandalur.

As mother also goes to work, mother goes to work during school holidays.

I will be alone at home, so grandma will take me to the snake farm. I spend the whole day looking at snakes for fun.

Periamma also tell me about each snake and its characteristics. So I lost my fear of snakes.

I naturally had a personal attraction to animals. After going there, I developed an overwhelming love for animals. If you get hit by an animal on the street, what to do and who to take it to, that’s all for me.

I couldn’t go to Vandalur Park because I was busy with studies during my college days. But I wanted to work with animals. I studied biotechnology in college.

At that time I heard about the recruitment of Lab Technician in Vandalur Park and applied.

When I went to the interview, I was asked what was the reason for choosing this job. Love animals and like to be with them. I also got a job. Let’s live together with animals.

This is my job to take care of the animals every day and take care of the little animals that have lost their mothers or are lost in the wild. First came a deer. I nursed the fawn daily and took care of feeding it.

Next I got a water dog and took care of that too. It was there that I got the experience of caring for all the animals. It sometimes attacks us while maintaining. A doctor who saw me taking good care of animals took me to work at a veterinary hospital abroad.

But, I don’t like the food of that town. I worked there for a few months. But I don’t like being there.

At that time I heard that there was a trust in Rajapalayam and there was a veterinary hospital there.

So I left the job I had seen abroad and joined a veterinary hospital operating through this organization.

I have no fear of handling animals as I have taken care of them. So they joined the animal rescue team.
If snakes or animals enter the house, we get a call. I will go and rescue the animals safely and take them to safe places and let them go” she described holding the hand of her romantic husband.

I met my husband Muthuraj once when I went to rescue animals.

Friendship turned into love. He is passionate about art.

So I liked him. He also liked me because he liked the love I showed towards animals. We both got married.

It is not uncommon for people involved in snake or wildlife rescue work to get married.

The reason is that when animals work in dependence, whether male or female, they have no understanding of the love that can come from it.

A man or a woman will think to give. If they agree to marry beyond this, they will not be allowed to engage in that work thereafter.

As my husband understood my work, they did not restrict my work after marriage,” she said about rescuing animals.

If wild animals come astray or cubs separated from their mother, I will rescue them and bring them back to good health and release them into the forest.

My first job was to protect the habitats of wild buffaloes and elephants.

As the habitats of animals are decreasing due to climate change, they are not able to find the food they need in the forests and are moving out of the forests and looking for food in the cities.

Let’s send them back to the wild. Sometimes birds like owls and eagles hit the power lines.

We will rescue them and treat them according to the advice of doctors and take them back to their habitats. Lets learn to live together with animals.


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This post is also available in: Tamil

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