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Omam protects stomach


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Omam protects stomach


If Omam water is present in the house, small children to adults can live without stomach problems.

Crushing Omam and rubbing it on the scalp will reduce colds. Omapodi tied in a cloth and consumed will relieve nasal congestion.
If you drink Omam water daily, you will not get asthma. If you boil half a teaspoon of Omam in a liter of water and drink it, you will not get asthma.

Digestion in the stomach is normal. In case of stomach ache, take five grams of Omam with a little salt and agave powder and eat it in honey, the stomach will be relieved in a short time.

Oma oil is available in country pharmacies. Applying this to arthritis will eventually cure the joint pain.

If you dip this oil in a cotton ball and press it on the tooth, the toothache will disappear.

If the stomach makes rumbling noises, you can apply oma oil on the stomach. Mix a little oma powder and a little salt with buttermilk and drink it, the phlegm stuck in the chest will come out.


To gain physical strength


Some people do not lose weight no matter how much they eat. Still others look strong.
But if they go up and down the stairs or lift a small object, they get tired immediately.
If they boil Omam in water and drink it in the morning with palm rind, the body will get stronger.


Get rid of stomach ache


From small children to adults, people suffering from colic, stomach ache and indigestion, boil 100 grams of Omam in 1 liter of water and drink it when it becomes half.

Take 35 grams of omum and pepper and then grind it well and grind it with 35 grams of palm jaggery and take 5 grams both in the morning and in the evening to get rid of constipation, diarrhea and flatulence.


Get rid of smoke cough


Some people get a stuffy throat and cough. They are Om. Take equal amount of powder of mustard skin, mukkadugu, sidtaratta, agrakaram, tippili root and then eat it in the morning and in the evening along with half of the palm kernel, it will cure the throat smoke and cough.



Depression usually occurs in young children. If there is sluggishness, the body will be tired and indigestion will occur.

To get rid of such dullness, take equal parts of Omam, Suku, Chitramula root bark, grind them together and then add mustard powder to it and mix it with buttermilk to remove dullness.


To reduce the belly


Boil four pieces of pineapple and then two teaspoons of powdered tomato every night before going to sleep.

Once they are cooked well, keep it covered. Get up at 5 am and dissolve it well and drink it.

If you do this for 15 days, the belly will disappear.

To get rid of hip pain, boil a spoonful of Omam in water and then add 100 ml of coconut oil to it, boil it again and filter it.

After straining, mix camphor powder and then rub it well on the loin with young juice to get rid of loin pain.


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