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New treatment to beat diabetes!


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New treatment to beat diabetes!

New treatment

In earlier times, diabetes was a disease of the rich. But as weather conditions and food habits changed, someone in the house started getting diabetes.

Moreover, now that food has started arriving at the doorsteps, people below the age of 20 have also started suffering from diabetes.

Even though diabetes has reached every household like this, it is a fact that people are not aware of the impact of the disease till today.

Twin Health, a company based in California and Chennai, has introduced a diabetes reverse technology called ‘Whole Body Twin’ in India.

It is that through this technology, many physical problems like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure can be under control.

In this regard, its Director, Dr. Maluk Mohammed shared with us:


What is reversal therapy?

H. in diabetes. PAONC There is that. What it achieves is marking half of the three-month blood sugar range. This H.P.A.ON.C. If it is above 6.4 it is sugar. Take pill.

If it is between 5.7 and 6.4, it is called pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is the earlier stage of diabetes. If you are a little careful at this stage and do all the exercises, you will not go into diabetes.

But when in that state, no one pays much attention to it and goes into diapause. If you get sugar like that, you have to take a pill.

Once one starts taking the pill, then one has to live with the pill for the rest of one’s life. Apart from that they have to go up to insulin as the next step.

This is the situation today. But what we are doing with Reversal is we are making sure that the level of HPAONC of sugar does not increase above 6 without any pill or medicine. This is the reversal.

Also, other chronic diseases in the body such as increased weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol are also normal. Next, body parts will be adjusted.

This will rejuvenate the beta cells. Once the beta cells are revived and normalized, all the problems in the body will be fixed. This is what we do. For this we take a time frame of one year. This is the reversal.


Which diseases can be reversed?


It can reverse pre-diabetes, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, cholesterol, hypertension, PCOS etc.

It should be in particular that when taking this reversal treatment, we can see the improvement of infertility problem and also the improvement of elephantiasis.


What is the treatment for reversal?

When a person comes for reversal treatment, we first create a copy (twin) of him with a sensor. Then continously check his body by the sensor.

For example monitor sleep, physical activity, food habits etc.

Then Whole Body Twin will recommend what to eat, what kind of exercise to do, sleep time etc. according to his body.

Along with this, everyone has a coach to prescribe exercises and a doctor to give occasional advice.

For example, if both mother and father have diabetes in a house, if the mother eats rice, nothing will happen.

But if Dad eats rice, sugar rises.

In such cases, monitor his eating habits and give diet recommendations accordingly and diabetes will be under control.


How long should this treatment be carried out?


How much time depends on one’s health and the severity of his illness.

For example, 70 percent of people treated with us (including those taking insulin) have their blood sugar under control within at least 45 days.

20 percent needed 90-120 days. 10 percent remain in treatment for more than a year.

So, one can tell how much time is needed according to his physical condition and the way he follows the treatment.


Can we cure diabetes completely reversal method?


If you follow this reversal treatment for up to 5 years, you can definitely get rid of sugar.

We are currently in testing efforts for that.

We guarantee sugar reversal. However, we can completely cure only after a few years.

Because we can only tell at the end of our test. Also, take one thing away from this and this is not a new technology.

There is no modern medicine. There is no change in diet. It’s all mixed together.

That is what we are making people understand now. Reverse sugar with proper training and effort .


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