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Shobitha Thulibala Fitness Tricks


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Shobitha Thulibala Fitness Tricks

Shobitha Thulibala

In Mani Ratnam’s recently released Ponniin Selvan, Shobitha Thulibala won the hearts of Tamil fans as Kunthavai’s beloved Vanathi. A Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancer, she made her acting debut in the Hindi film Raman Raghav 2.0 directed by Anurag Kashyap.

Later he acted in many films including Kudachari in Telugu and Mudon in Malayalam. Raghava Lawrence is currently acting in Hindi film Lashmi Bomb. Here’s what Shopitha shares about her fitness:

“For me, fitness is about keeping the body healthy. So, never compromise on it. Otherwise the beauty secret is nothing big.

To me, beauty is a combination of grace, simplicity and self-awareness. Thus, beauty is found naturally in children and even in the elderly.



Basically since I’m a ballerina, I’ve kept my body slim since childhood. Because being thin feels strong.

For this, I exercise for almost two hours every morning and walk as often as I can.

While in the modeling industry, I did a lot of maintenance to stay fit. But, after becoming an actress, I stopped working out for many years due to some reasons.

In this case, I started exercising again with yoga during the lockdown. I continue till today.

Yoga exercises are very popular. Thus, I perform Chakrasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Purna Bhujangasana etc. daily. Also, I like to participate in various sports for fitness.

Similarly, swimming is also one of my daily workouts. The reason is that swimming is a great way to build endurance, muscle, strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Similarly, trucking is my favorite. So, whenever I get time, I go trucking. It helps to increase the metabolism in my body.



Fruits in my daily diet

I will take more. Also, I drink a lot of water for healthy skin. During the scorching summers, I have to take young water and lemon water.

Otherwise I am very interested in tasting new variety of food. There are no restrictions on it. However, none of the food I have ever tasted beats Indian cuisine.


Skin and hair care


Naturally, my skin has become slightly brighter. So big menacedals don’t do anything for skin care.

I think this is also due to our home cooking style.

Because more and more coconut is added to our home cooking.

Also, I use coconut oil a lot for my hair and skin care. As such, I use a drop of coconut oil daily as a moisturizer on my face.

As far as hair goes, I think I inherited my beautiful thick black hair from my mother. Apart from this my makeup secret is nothing special.

I have always loved light makeup. That would suit me too.

So, lip balm, blush, concealer and cologne are mostly in my makeup kit.

Also, as far as I am concerned, fashion is not about trendy clothes or colors.

It is an expression of emotions and moods. Wrinkles that appear on a person’s skin as they age are not ugly, but tell of their life experience.


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