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Myositis affects the muscles



Remedial medicine!


Samantha is a favorite actress of all of us. He had recently posted about his health on social media. How does one get the disease called Myositis mentioned by him? In this article we will see what the effects can be.


Autoimmune disease…

Myositis is a rare autoimmune disease. That is, if any infection enters our body, immediately our body’s ‘protection zone’ (Immune System) fights with it and wins. But in auto-immune, our body’s defense system attacks certain tissues of our body as ‘dangerous tissues’ and causes damage to our body. Thus there are many autoimmune diseases. Myositis is one of them.

Myo means muscles. So myositis is a combination of symptoms such as body aches due to inflammation of the muscles, pain in large joints and difficulty in doing daily activities.


The reason…


It has not yet been discovered that this is what causes it to attack its own good cells. Research suggests genetic mutation may be a cause. However, this research is still incomplete.


Nature of disease…

The disease strikes in a two-part cycle.

1. Symptoms of the disease begin to appear less and become more severe. I don’t know how many days or months it will be like this. Medical supervision and medication are necessary till the end of this phase.

2. Gradually return to normal. Symptoms will begin to disappear. I don’t know how many months this will last. The patient will not be identified as an infected person. He can function normally physically and mentally like everyone else. Then again the first part appears. Then the second part. This will change throughout life.



*Muscles near large joints such as hamstrings, hips, ankles, shoulder muscles are affected.

*Walking a short distance will cause more fatigue.

*Difficulty picking up even simple things with hands. For example, taking an anise and drinking it.

*Difficulty sitting down and getting up.

*Going up and down stairs becomes difficult.

*Doing daily tasks will be a great adventure.

*Poly myositis, which affects more than four muscles, is more likely to affect women. Especially women between the ages of thirty and sixty.

*In the form of Dermatomyositis, the above symptoms are accompanied by rashes on the skin. This type of damage is more common in women and children.

* Inclusion Body Myositis along with the above symptoms also affects the swallowing muscles. This causes difficulty in swallowing food. This type of myositis mostly affects men over the age of fifty.

To find

*Normal body aches will get better after a couple of days of rest. In addition to this, if you have body pain for months, if you find it difficult to do even small tasks, you can go to the nearest doctor and get checked.

*A blood test will be recommended initially.

*Diagnosed by tests such as biopsy to examine muscles and skin.



First part

*Physicians are in the first place where the impact of the disease is serious

*Take medicines as per instructions. Otherwise, the symptoms will intensify and the situation will turn worse.

* Adequate rest is also a must.

*Understanding and accepting the nature of the disease can prevent major stressors.

*Medications will be given to reduce the symptoms.

*During the first phase, physical therapists recommend very minimal exercise as daily activities can be challenging.

*Should do simple tasks like standing up and walking, occasionally sitting, moving arms and legs. This can prevent muscle wasting and weakness.


Second part

*Doctors will prescribe exercises based on the nature of the disease, strength of the body etc. It is important to do these exercises regularly. From time to time, the doctor will check the muscles and provide the next level of exercise.

*Do swimming, dancing, walking, jogging etc. . Because muscle strength varies from time to time for each sufferer.

*Exercising will keep the muscles from getting worse during the next attack.

* Practicing breathing and eating nutritious food is very important.

So, no one should worry as myositis is a rare disease. And people suffering from this kind of disease can live their lives confidently with the help of a proper doctor.


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