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Piles are a very common problem in today’s scenario. Hemorrhoids, also known as Piles, can be by a number of factors, but one of the most important is chronic constipation. In today’s modern times, due to dietary changes, hemorrhoids are also affecting young people and children. Ignoring proper diet and also lifestyle habits reduces the digestive fire (Agni) and causes a condition known as Mandagni. Ayurveda says that this creates disturbances in the anus region and also creates hemorrhoids.


Causes of piles


Constipation is the primary cause of hemorrhoids, and also the most common cause is a changed diet and lifestyle.

Lack of health care, lack of exercise, excessive consumption of spices, oily food leads to hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids can occur in people who sit for long hours. Some women may develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids also occur in people who drink alcohol, smoke and also do not take food on time.

Hemorrhoids are also an important cause for people with high body heat.

Types of piles


Hemorrhoids are mainly of two types, classified as internal or external depending on location.




In this case, it originates from the inside of the anus and during a bowel movement, it can rupture and start bleeding through the anus, causing more pain. In this way we cannot see the swelling, but we can feel it.




The anus appears externally and does not cause any pain. However, there may be more itching and pain when passing stool. In this way we can see swelling.


Hemorrhoid symptoms

Blood may pass during stool. This bleeding is usually painless.

Constipation and bleeding are caused by the stool being tight like a goat’s worm.

Sometimes there may be severe pain/irritation while passing stool.

There is a discharge of flesh from the mouth of the asana.

Frequent cramping pain in stomach and also anus.

Stool sometimes comes out like mucus from the mouth opening.

Itching, redness or pain around the anus.

Apart from these, following are the specific symptoms of shuskarshas (dry blood) and rakdarshas (bleeding with pus). Suskarshas (Dry): Commonly non-bleeding hemorrhoids are called Suskarshas. This type of hemorrhoids is caused by the predominance of gas and phlegm.


Treatment methods


An effective treatment for hemorrhoids requires permanent dietary restriction. Add fiber to the diet. These help in curing the problem of constipation.

Ayurveda has many medicines that can permanently cure hemorrhoids, relieve constipation, improve digestion, reduce pain, and also facilitate regular bowel movements.


Common Home Remedies (Single Remedies)

Triphala powder – 10 gm, twice a day with buttermilk.

Omum 1 gm and black salt – 1 gm. Eat twice a day with buttermilk.

16 grams of turmeric powder should be taken twice a day.

Powder of Vilvam, Sukku, Omam, Chitramoolam should be taken twice a day with 5 grams of buttermilk.

Take fresh juice from pomegranate fruit – 14 ml, 5 to 10 g. Sugar twice a day.

Mustard bark powder – 1 to 3 grams, 50 ml. Warm water, twice a day.

Pomegranate peel – 12 gm., Take twice a day with equal amount of sugar.

For external source a method is followed in Ayurveda called Sharasutra. Ayurvedic treatment called Avakagam ‘Chits Bath’ is very effective for root problems. This is the best way to prevent infection. Reduces inflammation.

Avoidance methods


  • Drink more water.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods of time.
  • Use only soft seats while sitting.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and fast food.
  • Consuming foods rich in fiber is very important.
  • Eating alkaline food, chicken and fast food which increase the body heat further can cause constipation and hemorrhoids.


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