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40+ age Mens Health Guide!


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40+ age mens Health Guide!

40+ age

At the age of 40…

‘Why is this! Conversations such as ‘He died of a heart attack at the age of 40’ and ‘Did he die of liver damage at the age of 40?’ are common these days. The increase in 40-year-old deaths due to alcohol and smoking, liver damage, heart disease, cancer, stroke and high blood pressure is unsettling us.

The second innings of life is after the age of 40. Naturally, at the age of 40, various physical and also mental changes occur. If you are mature and also take care of your health, you will be healthy even in your forties!


40+ men

Physically, those who started drinking and smoking at the age of 15, it will become serious only at the age of 40. After 20-25 years of continuous alcohol consumption, the liver starts to deteriorate. Blurred vision. Immunity is greatly reduced. Belly comes. Decreased lung function. Some people develop cancer cells in the lungs and throat. Both alcohol and smoking habits increase the risk of developing cancer anywhere from the esophagus to the rectum and anus.


At the age of 40…


Along with genetic factors, following wrong diet and lifestyle, diabetes and obesity can occur. Following diabetes, many other problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure etc. are lined up.

It is the period when the family and children are settled and a goal is set in life and then they are moving towards it. Children will be somewhat grown up.

At this point, as in the teenage years, brutality runs rampant. There will be a feeling that no one should ask any question against his actions. Ego boosts. If someone asks a question, the person who asked the question gets very angry.

Interest in sex will be high. But, attraction in married life with wife will decrease. That’s why some men over 40 years of age change the path to a relationship with another woman. These are all mental changes.


Simple solutions!


Change your lifestyle. Wake up daily at six in the morning and also drink an anvil of water. Or drink a liter of water. Walk for at least an hour daily. If there is a gym near home, join it immediately.

Striving for an hour in the gym every day will warm your health. Eat three meals regularly.

Don’t miss any work meals. Don’t stick to eating only one thing, like non-vegetarian or vegetarian.

Eat both together. A balanced diet is healthy. The food you eat should contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

So, eat both vegetarian and also non-veg. Cut down on rice and eat more vegetables, greens, and fruits.

Men above 30 should monitor cholesterol and blood sugar levels.



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