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Method of regulating constipation in traditional medicine


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Method of regulating constipation in traditional medicine


As the food is digested, the parts of the intestine that are supposed to digest the food, twist and turn like a snake, and lie motionless, like a python that has swallowed a fat deer.

There is no need to call medical professionals to investigate the cause. It is enough to regularize the food we eat.

Erectile Dysfunction may rank first among the most important disturbances caused by wrong lifestyle.


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Rectal problem, which was caused due to impaired bowel function in old age, is now affecting everyone from children to the elderly.

Outdated food, excessive food, poor food, junk food called fast food, food with spices etc. are important factors for the formation of constipation.

Avoidance of nature’s bounties such as nuts, fruits, swallowing food without chewing, eating too much non-vegetarian food are the next reasons.

Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks, lack of sleep, forgetting to drink enough water due to workload are sure to cause constipation.


Stress and causation


It is a well-researched and published fact that stress is closely related to the development of diseases. Malaccatu is the only exception to this? The nervous system, which controls digestion, is affected by stress, leading to constipation.

When one is under chronic stress, the normal movements of one’s bowels are seriously affected and rectal disturbance takes a severe form.

Researchers say that when there is a wedding ceremony, exams and heavy work load, the urge to defecate decreases.

You don’t have to go to a lawyer to dissect the connection between stress and prostate cancer.

Enjoying the beauty of life, inspiring the mind, clear thinking
Enough is enough.




It is not surprising that Malakat also walks hand in hand with talented people who have been drinking for a long time. Alcohol absorbs the moisture in the stool and dries it out, preventing bowel movements and causing constipation.


Siddha medicine


Triphala Suranam (Mustard, Gooseberry, Gooseberry) can be mixed with hot water in half a teaspoon every night. Triphala Surana is not only effective in removing constipation but also removes toxins from the body. Mustard powder alone is used as a major laxative in hill villages.

Also you can take Siddha medicines like Nilvagai Suranam, Eladi Suranam, Ponnavar as advised by the doctor.

Foods such as cumin, pepper, ginger, umami, and asparagus that stimulate digestion should be included in the diet frequently. Constipation can be prevented by consuming more vegetables, nuts and seeds like beans, carrots, pumpkin, yams and cabbage.

By walking daily, the intestinal tract will function well and the stools will pass easily. Even so, when the stool does not pass properly, a cloth soaked in water can be placed on the stomach area.

Kerosene is great


According to Siddha medicine, constipation is caused due to one of the Dasavayus, Apanavayu (downward flow gas). Castor oil not only has laxative properties, but also has the ability to control flatulence, so it can be mixed with half a tablespoon of warm water once a week.

When there is rectal disease, applying castor oil on the abdomen and sauteing castor leaves on it will cure it. Apply kerosene on the inside of the dung to loosen the stool.




Since all greens in general have the power to loosen stools, you can call for greens liberally in your daily diet! Greens are not only high in fiber but also contain essential vitamins for the body.


Fibrous fruits


Natural elixirs like papaya, banana (3.1 grams of fiber), guava fruit (5.4 grams of fiber), apples (4.4 grams of fiber), pears (5.6 grams of fiber) can be taken frequently among fruits. Dried raisins and dried figs soaked in water and eaten twice a day will lighten the stool.

Mix flax seeds powder and with hot water. Not only is it important to eat a diet rich in fiber, but also to drink enough water to flush it out.

If the rectal problem that persists for a long time is not corrected, it can lay the foundation for many other diseases such as skin diseases, diabetes, heart disease, cancer.

So, without strengthening the foundation, let’s excrete the stool properly and energize the body. Method of regulating constipation in traditional medicine.
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This post is also available in: Tamil

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