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Acidity Prevention


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Acidity Prevention


Intestinal and Liver Doctor G. Prashant Krishna


Recently, we hear that most people are suffering from acidity problem.

What is the reason why acidity is becoming a serious problem that we face in our daily life.. Why does acidity occur?

Gastrointestinal and Hepatologist G. Prashanth Krishna shares with us what the solution is.


What causes acidity?


Normally our body naturally secretes small amounts of acid. What it is for is to digest the food we eat.


Acid is secreted more due to lack of adequate food intake and regular consumption of alcohol and painkillers.

What this excess acid will do is start to erode the layers of our stomach little by little and cause stomach pain.

It becomes an ulcer only when it goes deeper and erodes.


Similarly, if we do not eat properly, we are starving, high blood pressure, stress, digestive problems, smoking and alcohol addiction, being overweight, aging, being in a hot environment increase acidity and create acidity.


What are the symptoms of acidity?


Heartburn i.e. irritation in the upper part of the stomach, sour belching, chronic cold, vomiting, shortness of breath are common symptoms.

If this continues, there is a possibility of many problems.

This means inflammation of the larynx, chronic dry cough, difficulty in swallowing food, pneumonia and gastritis, peptic ulcer (with severe stomach irritation), ulcer etc. may occur.



If the feeling of heartburn persists for a few days, you should immediately consult a doctor for a check-up.

It should be known whether the acidity is in the initial stage or in the ulcer stage or due to some other reason. Then, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Beyond all these stages, surgery is also done for those who are in serious condition.

Otherwise taken as a general treatment, the first thing we need to do is to change our lifestyle.

Eating daily meals on time, reducing salt in food, drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol, and also taking the necessary medicine pills properly as per the doctor’s advice.


What is the first aid to be taken in case of acidity..


As far as acidity is concerned, rather than calling first aid, one should immediately consult a doctor if the heartburn is severe.

Because most people can’t tell whether it’s acidity pain or heart attack pain.

They think it’s acidity and automatically buy pills in the pharmacy and after that 6 hours pass without getting better, it becomes difficult to save.

Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor immediately if the pain feels different.

But a heart attack that causes pain like acidity can be life-threatening. So, if the pain is severe, consult a doctor immediately.


Things to do

Do not avoid eating because you have heartburn. Even if you are not hungry, take enough food.

Eat food on time. Drink 3-4 liters of water daily.

Exercise or walk for at least half an hour daily.

Reduce stress. Reduce alcohol consumption little by little. It is better to avoid coffee and tea.


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