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Paruppu Keerai protects the skin


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Paruppu Keerai protects the skin

Paruppu Keerai

Greens are the herbs of Tamil Nadu. Plant extracts. The dignity of our forefathers who found these properties and also asked them to include them in food is admirable. It can be said that our ancestors got the biological theory that ‘food is medicine and medicine is food’ from plants like spinach.

Today the whole world is talking about the glory of spinach. Greens are the raw material for all kinds of medicines from allopathy. One such good green is lentil greens. Lentils are one of the traditional vegetables of Tamil Nadu. The energy you get when you eat it along with lentils is immense.

It is a small plant that grows everywhere in Tamil Nadu, its leaves and seeds are used as food, it has a sweet and then sour taste. Cools the body. Agathiyar says in his book on properties of lentil greens that heat will go away, kidney diseases, liver diseases and also  intestinal diseases will go away;


Paruppu Keerai have a special place among nutritious greens. Because 100 grams of lentil greens contain 20 calories, carbohydrates-3.4 grams, protein-2 grams, sodium-45 mg, potassium-494 mg, magnesium-17 mg, iron-9 mg, calcium-157 mg, rich in omega 3 fats.

Therefore, Paruppu Keerai has the power to prevent heart diseases. It is also rich in Vitamin A, making it a great remedy for vision problems.

It contains tocopherol, which gives the skin a good glow and then charm. Acne can be avoided. Glutathione is an amino acid that gives good skin tone.

Removes skin wrinkles. Nothing compares to dal for skin health. If you want to look beautiful, include lentil greens in your diet twice a week.


1) To cure anemia:-

Consuming 10-20 ml of dal leaf extract twice a day cures sita pedi and rata pedi.


2) For liver diseases:-

If you take a teaspoon of dried dal leaf, geezhanelli leaf, karisala leaves in powder, boil it in a glass of water and drink it, it cures liver inflammation and chronic liver diseases.


3) Get rid of dehydration and heat:-

If you drink 15-30 ml of dal leaf juice twice in the morning and evening, you will get rid of dropsy, water pressure, heartburn and abdominal pain.


4) Fire scar fade:-

Grind the leaves and seeds of dal and then apply hot water on the sores to heal them and the scars will disappear.


5) Disappearing root:-

If the leaves and stems of this spinach are ground and if you apply to the root, the root will disappear.


6) To secrete breast milk:-

Lentil greens- one cup, gram dal-1/4 cup, garlic-5 cloves, spring onion-10, pepper powder, cumin powder, cumin, turmeric, salt as needed, boil lentils separately, add oil in a pan and add mustard, urad dal, fenugreek seeds. , add curry leaves and season it, then add spinach and small onion and fry it, add salt and and spices to the boiled lentil and eat it in hot rice with ghee. Add to idli, dosa, chapati and puri. It is very mouthwatering. Gives good strength to the body. Helps to create breast milk well.

7) Dark Spots, Dull Disappearance:- If you apply Muldani Methical with Paneer along with lentil greens and wash your face with water after an hour or two, the dark spots, dull spots will disappear and then your face will become bright and golden.

8) Relieves Constipation:- The fiber in lentil greens regulates bowel movement and also gives good health without constipation.


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