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Fashion show for Tribal dark children!


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Fashion show for Tribal dark children!

Fashion show

The Ilurars are a tribe living in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore and Kerala. They are accustomed to a forest-based lifestyle.

Especially good at catching snakes and rats.

Their social hierarchy was very low. So the Indian government has identified them as tribals.

Even today the Irular are struggling for an identity for themselves.

Especially they are fighting for all social status like land for themselves, family card, proper lease and electricity for their place of residence, education for their children.

At the same time, a few pearls from their race are making a mark for themselves through education.

In this situation, Nisha has held a fashion show with dark-skinned children.

She is a teacher, social worker, fashion designer, beautician.
Nisha from Porur, Chennai, explains why she has  to social service.

“Usually during school days, the teacher asks everyone, ‘What are you going to be in the future?’

All say doctor, engineer, lawyer. My teacher asked me a similar question.

I don’t feel like being a doctor or an engineer. Suddenly I said I was going to become Mother Teresa.

But at that age I knew nothing about Mother Teresa.

I know only her name and know that she is a social worker.

But what kind of social service did he do? where born I don’t know any details about him as to how he got himself into this field.

But whatever, his name and the fact that he is a social worker are deeply imprinted in my mind. That’s how I got interested in social service.

That spirit of service is embedded in my subconscious. At some point it has started to emerge.”

In 2019, there was an attack on the India-Pakistan border. There were many casualties on both sides in that battle.

But in Pakistan they celebrated the death of Indians and the death of Pakistanis in India.

As far as there is a war between the two countries, it is necessary for the government of the country to protect the people of the respective countries. But somehow my mind does not agree with exaggerating the death of a living being.

Because life is common to all. When there is a loss in one’s home, the family is greatly affected.

To emphasize this, I started taking origami classes for our future generations. I have an interesting story about how I learned the art of origami and how it came to be.

It was the time of World War II. A girl named Sadako Sasaki from Japan was affected by the atomic bomb.

She was only 2 years old then.

As a result of the atomic bombing, the girl suffered from blood cancer for about 10 years. The disease caused swelling behind her ear. Her parents admitted her to the hospital with purple spots on her legs.

If you tie a thali to a tree, marriage will happen. Indians believe that if a cradle is hung on a tree, a child will be born.

Similarly, the Japanese believe that if they make 1000 cranes out of paper, their wishes will come true.

Sadako also believed. That’s when she started making cranes on paper through the art of origami.

But since cancer is a deadly disease, gradually the impact of her illness increased. Sadako died in October 1955. She had made only 644 cranes when she died. Sadako’s girlfriends and friends made the rest of the cranes.

Sadako’s body, along with 1000 cranes, was cremated. That’s because even when she was fighting for her life, she made cranes thinking that no other children should suffer like her and there should be no more world wars.

The Japanese government erected a statue of her at the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Memorial Park.

They pay tribute to Sadako every year. Even after her death she continues to advocate for world peace.

I am taking origami class for world peace by telling this story to boys and girls & i am taking this origami class not only to normal children but also to underprivileged children, HIV affected children and mentally retarded children.

I have taught this art to more than 1000 children. Apart from that, I am also teaching dance, painting and martial arts to the children.” He also shared about the fashion show.

I taught the children all the things related to beauty such as make-up. After that I conducted a fashion show for those children titled ‘Centhamarai who bloomed in the mud’.

I conducted this program in Chengalpattu last October.

That’s why I choose dark ones. Even today they live within a small circle like them. They are afraid to talk to others normally.

They don’t even send their children out. In fact, only a few children go to school there. Others don’t go.

They hesitate to move out of their place.

This reluctance continues to the next generation. I thought to get rid of it. Especially among the growing generation. If you advise them about this, they will not accept it.

We think we have given caste certificate and privileges to the blacks. But they don’t even know how to use it

They have a lot to do. I am not conducting any personal organization for that.

I am doing my best to help.

My friends and relatives are helping me as much as they can. I have been working not only personally but also with private charities.

I have been doing this work for the last five years & will continue to do as long as I can” Srinisha has received awards like lioness and best servant.


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