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Margazhi Poove… Margazhi Poove…


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Margazhi Poove… Margazhi Poove…


Kolam is a very special thing of Margazhi month. It is a practice that has been practiced since the time of our forefathers.

Even though there are kolams in the road throughout the year, only in the month of Margazhi one can see beautiful colorful kolams at everyone’s house.

Regardless of the early morning chill, all the women will compete with other women to complete the kolam this month.

Because throughout this month all the devas worship Perumal, who is supreme to them all.

It is because it is the month in which all the gods worship him that Lord Krishna has highlighted that he is the best in the months.

Also there are many benefits of putting kolam in the month of Margazhi. In this month, not only kolaming, but also placing parangipoo in it is special.


Parangi flower

In the month of Margazhi, it is a traditional practice to put flowers on the golams instead of just putting them up.

The main reason for this is the belief that Kolam and Parangipoo are placed as a symbol to inform others that there is a woman of marriageable age in their home.

And in those days there were no matrimonial websites or brokers like there are now. They will let others know about it with flowers.


Parangi poo is the only reason to keep it


It may be asked that they put flowers only in the month of Margazhi, but in the other 11 months that practice is not there.

To place barangi flowers in Margazhi, it is believed that the marriage will take place in the month of Thai. Also, our forefathers used this flower because the pumpkin flower blooms more in the month of Margazhi.

Benefits of kolam


Placing kolam will make the mind happy. Increases memory. Only if there is unity of mind can we connect the dots correctly and make a kolam.

Even in the houses where kolams are not put up, in the month of Margazhi, kolams are placed in the center of the ball, and Parangi flowers are placed in it. If parangipoo is not available, you can also keep red saffron flowers blooming at home.

Marriage will happen

In our tradition, in those days, in the month of Margazhi, a house where a kolam is placed, Chana Pilliyar holds it, and a pumpkin flower is placed on top of it, indicates that there is a virgin in that house.

Other people who see this know that there is an unmarried girl in that house and those looking for a girl for marriage approach the elders in that house. In those days, not all domestic virgins were seen outside the villages. This practice was carried out for this purpose.


Maintains health


Our forefathers have said that the kolam at the door of the house in the morning should be by the hand of a virgin. The health of virgins who inhale the ozone gas released in the morning will increase. It is that when ozone gas hits the body, their face becomes radiant and radiant. The beauty of virgins The bridegrooms who see the girl in the month of Tai will marry her after seeing her beautiful appearance. Due to this,  the unmarried girl of the house would get marry.


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