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Avoid toxic relationships


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Avoid toxic relationships


“Measurement is not only of salt but also of relationships. The news of a man brutally killing his live-in relationship girlfriend in Thalainagar, Delhi, dismembering her body into several pieces and then throwing her body parts in different parts of the country shook the nation recently.

While the Delhi Police has arrested Aftab, the boyfriend who killed his girlfriend Shraddha, various information about him is coming out through the media.

Knowing that a man is not suitable for her and without even thinking about her own safety, why do women entangle themselves in the mystical web of love? Why do they knowingly live complicated lives? When I spoke to some of the thinkers who are working with women and children with such questions..


Gayathri Mahathi, Psychiatric Consultant, Madurai.


“I can’t live without you. “If you go, I will suffer,” he says, harassing men and women. Even a man who drinks at any time, his wife will not leave him alone.

We see many women here who say, “Even if we drink, our husband will still love us”.

Purushalaksana is essential. Goes to work. Earner. He will also have a family. All this does not matter much to him.

But he acts like beating his wife, girlfriend and daughter. Not fully revealed. Expressing love is self-forgetfulness for a man.

Money is not the only thing to earn. Love, romance, sex are all yearning sources here.

As much as I hate to say it, the reality is that no one here knows how to do it right.

Like the proverbial cupidity, no one teaches anyone how to love in our way of life. A confused state of mind prevails even in learning.

A young man has the mentality that if someone gets a girl trapped in adolescence, he should not let her go. Young people are still in their sixties in this regard.

It’s his thought and belief that I don’t know how to attract another woman other than this woman. Especially in men there is always an impotence about himself. This is a hopeless thought for himself.

Now if we look at the side of women, a man will beat a woman.. the same woman will fall on her feet.. women will not leave this kind of men easily.

Likewise, the belief that women should love only one person has been genetically instilled in women since time immemorial. Communication is very important for our women.

That too, women are not going to leave the men who give love-related communication easy.

I stand there under the illusion that I am an angel and believe him as a hero.

They revolve within it

Most of the girls here are like “Ammu” which was recently released on the OTT platform starring actress Aishwarya Lakshmi.

I will replace the drunkard and the rowdy with my true love and love is something subconsciously women do from time to time.

This is the form of Kannagi and Sita that we have built for women.

In today’s digital world, many things are out in the open.

When the woman wakes up and wants to leave, the man flinches when she uses the word divorce.

It can be said that men do not have the progressive ideas that women have in this digital age. There are more men here who are afraid of women’s knowledge and development.

And families in our Indian community cannot be broken easily. Our people are used to it from family. People who live as a family.

Rituals that take place in the family, problems that arise between mother and father, how father treats mother, how men treat women are all around and become imprinted in the minds of children by the age of five.

Mumbai woman Shraddha murder is an exception. Abdar is more likely to be a mentally challenged patient.

They do not realize the nature of the problem and deceive themselves that they are in regular life and turn him into a taxi.

There will always be some exceptions in the world. We can push them away from this.

Lata, Writer, Chennai


Being insecure doesn’t mean the live-in relationship lifestyle is completely wrong.

Insecurity also exists in marriage. We cannot interfere in their problems in both marriages.

Living in a live-in relationship requires more responsibility and maturity than a family-run marriage.

Today’s young generation sees this as they see everything as fashion.

Women should get out of a toxic relationship when someone they trust is in a toxic relationship. A woman should always have that thought and individuality.

Women who think like that should choose such a life. Instead of that, I will correct him, I will correct him is a cutting thought. Try.

Toxic men always need someone to beat and kick. They will not let them live apart from their relationship. This is the dialogue about love, love and rights.

Their actions include crying, asking for forgiveness, falling back on their feet. The beginning of the problem is that women who believe this give up and then think that they will see for a while.

Women should leave such men and then come out boldly. No matter where he hits his self-esteem, he has to decide that he doesn’t need it. Instead of thinking superficially is the cause of the problem.

In the name of progressive thinking and freedom, women have superficial vision and emotions.

There is a lot of thinking among women that a woman should depend on someone to live.

If you have deep thinking and broad vision, there is no chance of problems turning into untouchable sorrows.


Kanya Babu, Social Activist, Chennai.


Our way of life and today’s generation has changed a lot. The restrictions on women have been broken down little by little and then only now have women come for night work.

That alone gives women fear and anxiety in traveling alone.

We used to say live-in life was bad. We are not at the time to talk like that & may not like live-in. But there is nothing we can do if our children choose it.

Don’t say it’s bad, be safe.. be careful, we should think about educating our children for that.

If we approach them with friendship and then properly guide them, they will not reveal themselves to us. If we give them freedom, space, and also educate them with friendship, our children will definitely not do anything without telling their parents. Children will shy away from parents who are strict. Let go off toxic relationships.



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