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Benefits of Greens


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Benefits of Greens

Benefits of Greens

The benefits of greens are amazing. No disease will attack you if you eat a green leaf every day. Let’s know about the benefits of greens.




On the basis of the colors of the flowers, there are four categories of Karisalangkanni as yellow, white, blue and red. If you take the extract of Karisalanganni (Karisalai) and mix it with young water or buttermilk and eat it, the gray hair that comes at a young age will change.

Karisalai is the most important herb for protecting the eyes. The eye ink used by children and women in villages to paint their eyes is made from its juice.

If you grind karisalangkanni and extract the juice and add coconut oil to it and then apply it, the hair will grow with black color.

Karisalankanni cures various diseases including jaundice.




There are two types of Nathu Ponnankanni and Simai Ponnankanni. This spinach will make your mane sparkle like gold. It is that this name is due to this. This spinach is rich in iron and vitamins.

If pregnant women eat this vegetable, the body will be strengthened. A newborn baby’s skin is like gold. It has a lot of antioxidants. Thus, it also controls diabetes and also high blood pressure.

Since Ponnankanni has cooling properties by nature, it soothes the internal heat of the body.

This herb cure whiteness in women due to excessive heat. It also cools the eyes.




It can be found spreading in areas rich in water resources, regardless of whether it is a village or a city. Especially, these plants can be found in parks in cities. This small vegetable is not often used.

Considered a weed. Some cook this green along with mixed greens. As it can increase blood platelets, it can be liberally included in the diet. It can be a decoction or food for kidney related diseases.

It has the ability to reduce elevated urea and creatinine levels & also prevents kidney damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure.




It removes rheumatism from the body. It is a good remedy for joint disorders affecting the elderly.

This is a type of flag that spreads everywhere like vacant lots and fences during rainy season. Commonly available in villages, this spinach is very cheap in cities.

Mix with gram flour or mix with rasam. You can also add it to gravy.

Eating this will strengthen bones and relieve joint pain.




Spinach growing in wetlands is rich in nutrients. There are many varieties of this, such as flag plant, plant plant, ground plant. Eating this will cure iron deficiency.

Since it is a low-calorie spinach, people of all ages can eat it liberally. Vitamins are abundant.

Boil it with lentils and eat it to relieve irritation and vomiting. If you eat this regularly, it will normalize the testosterone hormone. It will remove male defects.




It thrives near watery areas. It also has the name Yosanavalli. Strengthens the nerves and also increases memory power.

Cook along with pulses. Vallarai ghee is important in Siddha medicine.

Mix it with milk and then you will get a solution for fever and menstruation in children.

Eating vallarai increases the body’s strength and protects it from disease.

In today’s environment, many people buy and eat medicines sold as dietary supplements to live healthily and get a strong body.

If you skip it and include more naturally grown greens in your diet, you won’t need any other complementary foods.



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