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Monsoon diseases


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Monsoon diseases

Monsoon diseases

As the rainy season begins, children suffer from various diseases ranging from colds, flu to dengue fever.

Also, due to stagnant water, the spread of monsoon diseases by mosquitoes and flies also increases.

Avoiding monsoon diseases is the biggest challenge every year. What are the diseases that can come during this time? Why do they come? If we know about the rainy season diseases and their nature and how to avoid them, we can prevent children before they get sick.


What are the immediate treatments for fever in children at night?


If children get fever, stomach ache, hand-feet pain, earache at night, there is no need to worry. Doctors give them medicines considering their body weight.

So, when you finally go to the doctor, you can give him the prescribed medicine. Keep an eye on the baby.

Perhaps if the fever is high, soak a towel in warm water and wipe the whole body. This will reduce the body temperature.


Tell us about the diseases spread to children during rainy season?


Generally, mosquitoes are the main cause of infectious diseases during rainy season. The mosquitoes that cause these diseases often originate from stagnant water bodies. Malaria is through the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito.

When this mosquito bites one person and bites another, the germs spreads through its saliva. This causes malarial fever.


About dengue fever?


‘Aedes aegypti’ mosquito is very dangerous, which is from rainwater that accumulates in coconut shells, tires, plastic bags, plastic water bottles around the house.

Dengue is by this type of mosquito. High fever, fatigue, headache, body aches, vomiting, abdominal pain, pain behind the eyes, bone pain are the important symptoms of dengue fever.

An average person has about 3 lakh platelets.

However, the platelet count may drop below 20,000 in dengue patients.


What can be done to protect children from mosquito bites?


At night and during the day, children should wear clothes that completely cover their arms and legs. Gloves on hands and feet. Door and windows should be kept mostly closed.

Use mosquito nets. Just open the door in the morning to let the air in.

This can protect children from diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria and brain fever.

So these are not for everyone. Mosquito nets, mosquito pads etc. are safe.


About protection from eye problems during rainy season?


Eye irritation is likely due to climate change. Also eye redness and eye pain will occur. Wash your eyes, face and hands frequently to protect yourself from this.

Avoid using clothes, soap etc. of people suffering from eye diseases.

It is better to stay away from people who have eye disease. Avoid dust wearing goggles.


What are the feeding methods to be given to children with physical condition?

For children, it is best to eat food that is grown in their area.

When looking at the foods to be given to sick children, foods that can be digested quickly should be given.


Take boiled and cooled water, well-washed fruits and juices, vegetable soups, hot food.


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