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Anukreethy vas Fitness Secrets


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Anukreethy vas Fitness Secrets

Anukreethy vas

The recently released film directed by Ponram and starring Vijay Sethupathi was DSP. Actress Anukreethy Vas has attracted the attention of fans by playing the lead role.

She is the winner of Miss India 2018. 30th runner-up in the Miss World pageant.

Apart from this, she has another face as an athlete and advertisement model. She shares her fitness secret with us:




As far as I am concerned, diet does not mean starving. By avoiding junk food as much as possible, you can keep your body in good shape by eating balanced healthy food such as fruits and vegetables.

Otherwise I love all our traditional dishes.




When it comes to my fitness, I am basically an athlete. So when I was in school, I spent more time on the school grounds than in the classroom. I will participate in any competition without thinking about winning or losing.

Apart from this, the practice for the game happens every day. When I started trying out for Miss India, I started doing everything Jim Orkoud.

Yoga is one of my daily exercises, yoga helps calm the mind and keeps the body fit. So, as much as I give importance to exercise, yoga also has a place in my daily life.

In that way, I practice 5 different yogasanas daily. They will help regulate the breathing, I will do the breathing exercise Anulom Vilom. This breathing exercise helps in curing depression and stress and also aids in weight loss.

Next, spread the legs and arms in a certain manner like a warrior. It may seem very easy to see. But, very difficult. It helps to calm the mind and strengthen the ankles and feet.An upward facing exercise, it strengthens the shoulders and arms.

And stretches your body from upper to abdominal muscles. This practice follows the sequence followed for Surya Namaskar, a very popular yoga practice.

Handstand yoga poses help strengthen the lower back, upper back, shoulders and arms. It improves blood circulation in the body.

Also, it improves various systems of the body like lymphatic and endocrine glands.Next, the boat-shaped yoga asana, which lifts the body from below and above.

Uses abdominal muscles, leg muscles and hip flexors and helps strengthen them. Many celebrities I know practice this yoga pose.



I am a village girl from Trichy from Tamil heritage..I had no make-up except eye-catching kajal till I finished school.

I believe that a healthy diet will keep the skin healthy.

Similarly, if you make it a habit to drink the amount of water required by the body daily, the skin will not be dry and will look shiny.

Otherwise the secret of true beauty is confidence, persistence and patience.

Born and brought up from our town where I was not used to walking even with heels on my feet, today I have been selected as Miss India, it is because of my self-confidence, perseverance and patience.

We should never lose sight of our dreams. If our dream keeps scaring us, we keep chasing it. So, never stop dreaming.


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