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Counselling room


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Counselling room

Counselling room

Lipids are formed by the accumulation of fatty tissue under the skin.

Some people have this problem due to heredity.

For some people, if it appears in one place, it can spread to other places.

Some fear that these fatty lumps may turn into cancerous tumors.

There is no need to be afraid.

For most people, lipoma tumors are harmless.

Generally, they are removed because they are unsightly.

Some people need to remove it because the clothes they wear roll and get bruised and injured when they bump into things.

Fatty tumors can be removed through simple surgery.

You say you have low back pain and also shoulder pain.

Care must be taken during surgery as there are many complex nerves in that area.

If you want to have surgery, it is best to consider and get treatment from a qualified surgeon.”

Let’s know about counselling room.

I have oily skin. How to maintain this?


Oily skin can ruin your confidence. This can lead to dull, tired-looking skin and also acne.

Oily skin is excessive secretion of sebum on the face. Although there are some major reasons including tradition, you can keep oily skin looking good by changing some habits.


1. Soap and cleansers


Some soaps and cleansers are too alkaline and also harsh.

Using these can cause the skin to become very dry and also produce more sebum. So, find out which are the special soaps and cleansers for oily skin and use them.


2. Facial mask


A facial mask made with natural ingredients like honey, lemon, olive oil, egg white, apple cider  twice a month.

It cleans the pores of the skin and also destroys acne-causing germs.


3. Don’t wash your face twice


Generally, people with oily skin tend to wash their face frequently.

This is very wrong. Doing this will damage the skin cells. It is best not to wash your face more than twice a day.

If necessary, wipe your face with a clean tissue paper.


4. Apply moisturizer


Many people avoid using moisturizer creams because they have oily skin.

Acne has nothing to do with moisturizer creams. Use special moisturizing creams for oily skin.

5. Don’t touch your face frequently


People with oily skin tend to have acne-causing bacteria. Our hands are notorious carriers of bacteria.

If you touch your face frequently with this, the infection will spread from one place to another.

So, don’t touch your face frequently. Wash your hands after touching your face.


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