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Eye Pain


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Eye Pain

Eye Pain

Last month, eye pain left many people bedridden. Like a torrential downpour, it hit many people at the same time and now it is affecting a couple of people here and there like rain.

This may be the most serious ‘eyesore season’ in the last ten years. It will come and it will go away.” Some people said, “I have never had eye pain till now..

“I can’t bear it,” some said, “My baby got better in two days. I’m still not feeling well for five days?” Some people also put forward their views on eye pain.


Eye pain is one of the many infectious diseases that affect humans during certain seasons.

It is by a virus, just like the common cold, fever and flu that come during the rainy season.

Adenovirus is the most common cause of this.

The reason for the high incidence of infection during rainy and cold weather is that the virus survives for a long time in low temperature. Rarely, one or two people may experience eye pain even during summer.

But due to the heat of the earth, they will die soon. Rainy season is conducive to the growth and proliferation of germs and affects many people continuously.

“My child has not been to school for the first time. Apart from that, every person comes and goes to our house” is something that many families have experienced.

People in the same household share things and live next to each other, so the infection spreads easily (fomite transfer).

School children sharing pens, pencils, notes among themselves is also a major reason for the spread of eye pain.

If there is pain in the eye and continuous watery discharge, it is normal for a child to rub the eye frequently and wipe it with a handkerchief.

Then, while handling one’s own things and friends’ things with the same hand, the adenovirus germs release through tears are safely pass on to others.

The children of that school largely escaped harm.

One hundred and ninety children suffered from eye pain in schools that said that even if you have eye pain, you have to come to school and there is also a special class.

Then their families, teachers and teachers’ families suffered from eye pain in thousands of patients every day. I was able to see no less than thirty patients a day for over 3 weeks.

Now it has reduced drastically in the last one week and I see two or three patients daily.

Eye pain is one of the most frequently treated eye diseases.

95% of people buy drops from the drug store and go to the doctor only if they do not get better.


There are those who use old medicines, other people’s medicines, eye medicines prescribed for other problems like eye pressure, allergies etc.

Most viral infections can be cured without any medication. In addition, doctors prescribe mild antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection.

Anti-viral drugs are given if the infection is severe. These are mostly available in ointment form.

Steroids should not be used during the first week of infection. In case of inflammation, in the second week it can be used only as prescribed by the doctor.

The average life span of the virus is only 3 to 5 days. After that we can see some effects due to our body’s reaction to the infection.

If the virus is highly virulent or the patient is immunocompromised, the infection, which is usually limited to the conjunctiva of the eye, may also affect the iris and some spots (keratitis) may appear on it.

This time many patients developed subconjunctival hemorrhage after the eye pain subsided.

“No pain, no irritation, no drainage. Only the eye is bloodshot.

You told me not to come to school without getting better. He has been like this for a week..

“How many days can I stay away from school?” asked a mother.

The boy had a small hemorrhage under the conjunctiva. Once such leakage occurs, it takes at least 15 to 20 days to completely disappear.

This bleeding may be due to weak blood vessels, high blood pressure, coughing, vomiting etc.

Some people may experience such bleeding for no apparent reason.

Explaining this in my referral form itself, ‘The current condition of the boy is not infectious.

I wrote and sent it saying, ‘Let us freely admit you to school.’

When blood pressure is checked in adults with similar types of bleeding, some are found to be slightly higher.

The bleeding was a symptom of their pre-existing hypertension.

A symptom that some parents say is that my son keeps squinting his eyes ever since the eye pain has gone away.

It could be due to allergies. The cause of the allergy may be a dead virus, or frequent wiping of the eye with a handkerchief.

Sometimes medicines can also cause such allergies.

There is a widespread belief among people that because I saw a person with eye pain, I also got eye pain.

This is completely wrong. Just looking at someone doesn’t make your eyes hurt.

Wearing sunglasses can reduce sunburn. We don’t put our hands over our eyes relatively often when wearing some kind of glasses.

People with eye pain can be seen with gloves on their hands. Instead, my advice is to roll the punch into four or five balls and keep them handy.

If we have a handkerchief in hand, we often wipe our eyes without realizing it. Then the handkerchief will be place everywhere. More than that, you can wipe it with a cotton ball and put the cotton ball in the trash can when the excess water runs out.

It is a good idea to use hand sanitizer every time you touch your eyes.

This will 100% prevent the spread of eye pain from one person to another.

Ophthalmologists use hand sanitizer after examining a patient.

Also, the instruments examines the patient with eye pain are also wipe with spirit.

Its main objective is to reduce the rate of infection in the hospital premises.

Rather than knowing what to do with the eye in case of eye pain, it is more important to create awareness of what not to do.

Many patients mistake it for eye pain and ignore other major ailments.

Due to the recent corona pandemic, some good habits have spread in our society.

Frequent hand washing, social distancing, use of face mask and sanitizer in any viral infection including eye pain.

This can reduce the infection and its severity many times over!


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