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White Patches and Ayurvedic remedy!


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White Patches and Ayurvedic remedy!

White Patches

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. An important job of the skin is to protect our internal organs from sun, wind and germs.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. ‘Themal’ is a common skin disease. It causes white patches on the skin.




*Nutrition deficiency leads to poor immunity and also increased susceptibility to infection.

*Poor hygiene, poor living conditions, excessive perspiration, hot and humid climate – thus excessive perspiration, germs, dirt, moist skin – lead to fungus growth.

*Debilitating / chronic diseases and also weakened immune system.

* Hormonal changes

*Diabetes – Diabetics are commonly prone to skin diseases

*Use of corticosteroids suppresses the immune system. So more chance of fungal invasion.




Primary symptoms: Patches, scales or spots on the skin. These patches are often slightly paler than the surrounding skin.

Patches often appear on the shoulders, neck, and trunk, but they can sometimes appear on the stomach or even the face.

These patches can become itchy over time.

A rash can also cause irritation. These spots may come and go more often, especially when the weather is hot and humid (like summer) and may become less noticeable or disappear during the fall and winter.




Another name for the body force is ring worm. This is a very common disease among us.

It is more common in obese women. Mainly, it is around the waist for most women who work in the wet.


White Patches medicine


The rash usually does not go away on its own, so treatment is often needed. Duration of treatment varies from person to person.

It may take one to four weeks from the start of treatment to stop the growth of the fungus.

Most people try to get rid of fungal disease with a top coat. However, these diseases keep coming back again and again, especially for people living in hot, humid climates.

Some doctors recommend using a medicated cleanser once or twice a month.


Ayurvedic medicine for White Patches


*In addition to the above common causes, food and also habits that increase Kapha and Pitta, inappropriate diet, wrong food additives, high consumption of marine life, consumption of non-digestible food, fermented curd and buttermilk, long-term high intake, excess gram
Ayurveda sees the reasons as gradual intake and improper use of Ayurvedic body cleansing treatments.

*Ayurveda gives us the knowledge to use the bounties of nature to treat innumerable diseases without any side effects.

Although there are many medicines for the treatment of themal disease, the specialty of Ayurveda is to purify the blood, boost the immune system, and prevent the disease from coming permanently by providing safe and cost-effective treatments.


Panchakarma treatment for White Patches


Since this disease is caused by Kapha and then Pitta, the most popular Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments of Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis), Vreesana (Therapeutic Purgation) and Raktha Moksha (Therapeutic Blood letting) should be implemented to calm these two doshas first.

*Mahamarichadi Balsam, Tatrukna Lepam, Siddharthaka Sanana Surnam, Mulkadi Sanana Surnam, Neem Leaf Grinding ointment and powders can be used for bathing and washing as external medicines.


Home Remedies


*Grind arugam grass, turmeric, henna leaves in ammi and apply it to reduce themal.

*Dried and powdered lemon peel and an equal amount of fried alum with a little water and bathed in a thelam will reduce the alum.

Grind turmeric and boil it in olive oil and rub it on the face to reduce the face.

*Grind with turmeric and salt along with the leaves of Kupai mani and take a bath after some time to reduce the cough.

*Grind neem leaves and apply its juice on the itch to reduce itchiness and itching.


Useful herbs


Herbs like carbocilaris, Neeratimuthu, Bei Putal, Neem, Neem, Turmeric, Maramanjal, Pungam, Kannai, Umatthi and minerals like Sulphur, Mylduttham and Adalham are some of the most popular herbs and minerals used in Ayurveda for the treatment of rheumatism.


Ayurvedic medicines


Kanthaka Rasayana, Manjishtadi Gwad, Maha Manjishtadi Gwad, Kathirishtam, Kaishora Kukkulu, Arogyavarthini Vadi, Aragwadathi Kashayaam, Harithira Kandaham, Mahatiktaka Kashayaam, Pancha Diktaka Kukkulu, Kukkulu Diktaka Kashayaam are to be taken after Panchakarma treatments for complete cure and no recurrence of the disease as per the advice of a qualified Ayurvedic physician. can prevent


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