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Back pain that affects middle-aged people


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Back pain that affects middle-aged people

Back pain that




Three-quarters of people over the age of thirty will suffer from mid-back pain at least once in their lives. To that extent today the middle back pain has increased.

‘What is middle back pain?’, you may ask. Neither Back ache nor neck ache but an ache in the middle is middle back pain.

Here are the causes, solutions, and ways to prevent it.


Spinal cord…


From the base of the brain the spinal cord goes to our pelvis. To protect it, there is an arrangement of small bones of the spine one after the other from the neck to the waist.

Between these are jelly-like ‘plates’. Nerves from the trunk pass through small openings in the bones to the arms and legs and transmit impulses.

The spinal cord bones in the neck are medically referred to as the mid back and lower back bones, just like the neck bones.

Similarly, many small to large muscles are located around the trunk.



  • Pain when breathing.
  • Pain occurs during prolonged manual work (eg, sewing, chopping fruit).
  • Pain appears in work related to arms and neck, such as sitting in front of the computer for a long time.


99% of cases of middle back ache are not related to joint problems. But it is because of the surrounding muscles.
The three parts of the neck, mid back and hips are interrelated. So when we give a lot of work to the arms and neck, the mid back muscles get affected.
If this is not observed then the muscles will be affected one after the other such as neck pain, hip pain, leg pain. It also has the potential to cause wear and tear on the neck and hip bones over the years.

Find out…

Indifference if there is an ache in the middle back for two consecutive weeks
Do not lie down and consult the nearest general practitioner.
He will do full muscle tests and find out which muscles are weak and tight.
There is no need to do tests like MRI and X-ray.

Conventional medicine…

First we will use conventional medical equipment, some exercises and some muscle manual techniques to reduce the pain. In this the ache will be completely cured.
Also, we will teach you some exercises to avoid ache.
There are exercises to strengthen muscles and loosen tight muscles.
If you do this regularly, the pain will not return.

To prevent…

People who have to sit and work in one place should get up once every half an hour and walk for at least five minutes.
If you are in a profession that involves constant work on your hands and neck, there is no pain, but you should consult your nearest chiropractor and learn exercises to prevent pain.
Gym goers can avail the benefits by consulting a chiropractor at their gym.

If there is any change in our body posture (posture) check with the doctor regularly and accordingly
Do exercises . Crouching, keeping the neck forward, and keeping the hips forward without engaging are Bad Postures.

If you work for eight hours, you cannot sit straight for eight hours, so if you work sitting straight for ten minutes, you can sit down for five minutes. So you can avoid sitting hunched all the time.

In general, no matter where the pain occurs in the body, do not ignore it as ‘it’s just a normal pain’, just take appropriate medicine, understand the prevention of many problems and side effects , and you can start this new year with more enthusiasm.


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