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Constipation is a disease that everyone knows about, but today I am writing about things that I know about it as a doctor that you may not know. Chronic constipation is defined as difficult bowel movements that last for a few weeks or longer.

Finding constipation is not a difficult task. Constipation is usually defined as having fewer than three bowel movements per week, although many patients report having difficult constipation even though they are actually having daily bowel movements. This is because they are not naturally able to pass stool completely.


Constipation is a problem that goes beyond bowel movements for many people. According to Ayurveda we know that excess of vada in the body causes dryness of stools and constipation. Constipation is usually seen in people with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, depression, sciatica etc. I see in my experience that giving them foods, procedures and medicines to cure this constipation helps a lot in avoiding and curing that important disease.


Common causes

Following are the causes of constipation in adults:

People with vada body structure by nature.

Change in diet, late eating.

Night waking, daytime sleepiness, insufficient sleep. Body heat etc.

Low-fiber foods and avoiding vegetables, greens, and fruits in the diet.

Diet high in fats, spicy, spicy foods, tubers, high meats and processed foods.

Tension, stress, nervousness, nervousness.

High intake of maida-based foods like bread, naan, bulkha, parotta, pizza, biscuit, burger, noodles.

Not drinking enough water and liquid food; Frequent sipping of tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Little or no physical activity.

Iron, calcium supplements, antacids and pain relievers.

High stress due to tumors, maternity, obesity.

When you do not want to pass stool at the same time every day.
Smoking, drinking alcohol, frequent long journeys.
Suppressing without defecation.
Fever, vomiting and constipation may occur despite not drinking too much water. People with chronic constipation often consume laxatives and laxatives, which may cause them to become constipated without the feeling of having a naturally induced bowel movement.

Constipation in children

Constipation in children usually occurs in three different stages.

After starting formula or processed foods (as a baby).
Before toilet training in infancy.
Right after school starts (due to seasonal dietary changes).


After birth, most babies pass 4-5 soft liquid bowel movements per day. Breastfed babies tend to have more bowel movements compared to foods marketed as formula food (powdered milk). By the age of two. By the age of four, a child may have 1-2 bowel movements per day.


Other reasons


Generally, due to old age changes in eating habits, lack of sleep and physical exertion, there is a possibility of constipation. Elderly people with arthritis and hip pain are often constipated because they avoid defecation
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Similarly, women are prone to constipation during pregnancy and for a few days before and after menstruation due to pressure on the rectum.


Medical reasons

Constipation is more likely to pass through. Constipation is more likely to worsen due to this root problem.

Obstruction caused by a cancerous tumor in the rectum

Hormonal diseases such as thyroid

Colon working very slowly due to certain diseases including diabetes, gallstones, hernia,

Diseases like sores, tumors, abscesses, abscesses in the muscles of the colon and anus.

Eclipse of IBS and related diseases.



  • Difficulty passing stool.
  • Sensation that the stool does not pass completely.
  • Passing stools less than usual.
  • Lumpy dry or hard stools.
  • Abdominal pain and muscle cramps Nausea, loss of appetite, headache and feeling unwell.


Attention is needed


If constipation is not treated in the early stages, it can lead to many serious diseases. For example, there is a possibility of indigestion, flatulence, heartburn, headache to hernia, chest pain, rectal bleeding, anal fissure, hemorrhoids (piles), intestinal cancer, so identify constipation immediately and adjust the diet and lifestyle accordingly and avoid the above causes. want Taking medicines alone without avoiding the above causes will not give a permanent solution.

Ayurvedic treatment system


Description of Constipation is in Ayurveda under the heading Vibandham. Ayurveda offers both internal and external treatments.

First of all avoid the causes of constipation: Irregular eating habits, low fiber diet, stress and low fluid intake and all the above causes should be avoided.

Ayurveda advises to eat bethi twice a year and thoroughly cleanse the alimentary canal from mouth to anus.

Take nutritious and tasty food in moderation at the right time. Keep the stomach half food, quarter water and quarter empty

Cure constipation by regular consumption of whey which is rich in ‘probiotic’ elements which are good for the intestines. Warm water helps to increase peristalsis.

Drinking enough water is the first remedy.

Never drink soft drinks.

Clove oil is a soothing laxative. Use clove oil as a laxative from children and to the elderly.

If all these do not cure then Samshodana treatment – panchakarma (purification treatments), giving bedhi or beechu called Vasti (enema) treatment. Then the use of multiples (suppositories) can completely cure the disease and change the condition of having to take medicines for life.


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