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Corona – to avoid!


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Corona – to avoid!


Corona infection is increasing rapidly all over the world. Especially in China, the new variant Omicron BF7 type of corona virus is spreading very fast.

Lockdown is in Chinese cities.

Crowd Shopping malls. Crowd Vaccination stations for booster shots.

The Chinese government, on the other hand, is planning to increase bed numbers, improve preventive measures, and increase crematoriums and cemeteries.

Not only in China but also in countries like USA, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, this new variant BF7 is  seen.

The people and the government are nervous. The government has announced that this new type of virus has spread in India as well.

Will this lead to another lockdown? People worry about the impact. Let’s take a closer look at the Omicron BF7 here.


A new variant


An extension of this variant called B.F 7 is B.A. This new variant is a variant of the Omicron BA5 virus.

Variant is a term to refer to a new type of virus that evolves from an inherited virus. This new variant is also Omicron Spawn.

This new corona virus is more powerful than the previous variant BA5. 4.4 times higher than the original virus, which is the basis of the corona virus, is full of resistance is nutrization resistance.

This affects those who have already been vaccinated.

Because the body does not yet have a natural antibody to this new type of virus, its impact will be high.

Viruses are rated by their R-value based on their ability to attack.

The R value of these viruses is 10-18. This means that if one person is infected with this virus, ten to eighteen others will be infected from him.

An earlier variant of the coronavirus had an R value of just five.

This virus can spread four times faster than the previous virus. Although it has a shorter life span compared to the previous virus, it is believed that the effects will be serious because of the high speed of its attack and spread.

Scientists have found that its spike protein R346D is the protein structure that gives it such high dispersibility.

Don’t be careless as it can affect vaccinated people too. Corona protective take measures like mask & hand washing.


New Omicron BF7 in India


Following China and other European and American countries, this new variant of Omicron PF7 is spreading in India. In the current environment, the daily infection rate is 158.

Its global circulation is 5.9 lakh.




It also has typical corona symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose and fainting. Some people may have significant vomiting or diarrhea.

So, if you see these symptoms, you should rush to the nearest health center or hospital without delay.


Dont Fear


Experts also believe that India will not experience the same impact as China and other European and American countries. Three waves of corona have already arrived here. The third wave was by Omicron.

Thus, through vaccination and natural antibody production, herd immunity developed. Also, China’s policy of zero covid has led to major riots and the government abandoned it halfway through insisting that everyone be vaccinated.

Experts believe that natural immunity and vaccine awareness created by three major waves in our country will protect us.

95% of people in our country are vaccinated. 88% of them received both doses. We have given priority to vaccinating especially the elderly.

So, corona deaths will not happen much in India anymore. Maybe even if there is corona virus it will not become a wave. Contagion spreads and goes away. So, experts say that people need not fear.




Although this new type of corona will not make any waves in India, we cannot remain indifferent.

It is our duty to constantly protect ourselves and keep others safe.


Corona precautions!


Make sure to wear a mask. In particular, use good quality N-96 masks when surfing in public. Avoid going to public places and gatherings as much as possible. Always keep your hands clean.

Watch videos on hand washing methods and keep your hands clean accordingly. It is good to wash your hands with sanitizer at least once every four hours. Washing with soap is still better.

Use spaces in public places. Social distancing will protect us from Corona.

It is better to cover your sneezes and coughs by putting your hands or handkerchief near your mouth. Thus, the environment will be healthy.

If you have a cold, cough, or fever, stay safe and isolate yourself at home. Don’t go out and trouble others.

If you have a cold or fever for more than two consecutive days, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Even if you have problems like shortness of breath, consult a doctor. Check the oxygen level in the body when you have a mild cold.


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