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Depression in children!


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Depression in children!


A strong foundation in childhood can lead to a healthy and also productive life later in life.

Good mental health in children goes a long way in developing good friendships at home and then at school.

It can also help prevent other mental health problems like anxiety and also depression.

We think that children are always happy but children get upset over even the smallest problems.

Depression is a common mental disorder. Although it is not a serious illness, it can make life a little difficult for children.

Just like physical health, mental health is an important foundation for children to run and then be happy.

Causes of depression in children


When they face failures in schools and then see fights between their parents, it has a big impact on their mental state. Apart from this, they are frustrated by the trauma caused by unexplained sexual abuse, incidents of discrimination between brothers and also resulting feeling of neglect.

Also they are mentally unstable due to things happening around them like loneliness without relationships, separation from parents for a long time. Apart from this, family poverty and then quarrels among their friends all affect children’s mental health.


Symptoms of depression


  • Each child presents with depression differently, and also some of the feelings and behaviors they have in common include:
  • Children wander around in a quiet and also unreasonably sad mood.
  • Not getting along with any children or being lonely or unhappy.
  • Self-criticism and self-diagnosis or self-pity.
  • Lack of energy and effort, preferring laziness.
  • Lack of proper sleep and then adequate food intake.
  • Frequent physical complaints and crying for no reason.
  • Distraction, memory loss and lack of interest in studies.
  • Irritability or anger.
  • A sense of hopelessness.
  • Developing negative thoughts and withdrawing from friends and family.
  • If children show signs of such mental exhaustion…
  • Avoid isolating them. Socialize with trusted family members and friends.
  • Children should be encouraged to talk regularly.
  • Contact the school and ask the teacher frequently about their behavior.
  • Sit the kids on your lap and talk about sadness and depression not being okay.
  • If there are two children, parents should act in such a way that there is no sense of discrimination between them.
  • Swearing words and fighting in front of children can destroy their minds.
  • Avoid leaving children alone at home for long periods of time.
  • Spending time with them, playing games, traveling can all make children’s minds healthy.
  • For some intractable questions, consult a pediatrician and psychologist


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