Saturday, February 4, 2023

Increase children learning potential


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Increase children learning potential

Increase children

Learning is not only education but we should give increase children learning knowledge to learn everything essential in life from childhood.

Give children opportunities to encourage different types of learning styles.

We need to instill in children the knowledge that they learn something from every experience they have.

The goal of promoting children’s learning in general includes their future well-being, their sense of identity, and their contribution to the world.


Importance of learning


Learning is an important factor that can help a child become a successful person.

The primary role of the learning system lies only with parents who have assumed the major responsibility of child rearing.

Because they themselves can introduce others.

And the extension of learning includes areas such as leadership skills, independence, negotiation, teamwork and the ability to work with others.

Key life skills that children need to know are decision-making skills in emergencies, problem solving skills, health related physical hygiene, knowledge of natural disasters, preparation of food for themselves and essential communication skills.

Even today some children do not learn these lessons.

And they falter until high school without a basic understanding of how to handle real-world situations.

This learning skill should also include knowledge of sexual abuse of girls.


Methods to improve learning ability


We must first teach them the art of sorting through memory what they have learned through listening and visuals.

Materials that encourage open-ended play can also be used visually to encourage children’s creative expression and develop their ability to create and solve a complex environment.

For example, the knowledge of how to walk should be described and taught in context if one goes astray somewhere or if someone who does not know before calls.

Introducing colors and scents, family history and telling relatives and their names.

Give children support such as constant encouragement to do or achieve something, practice asking questions, patiently answering children’s questions.

Things to notice

It is important to teach the above learning skills to children in a playful way without forcing them to do so.

It is important to first ensure that a child’s physical and intellectual development has matured appropriately to handle the new skill.

Considering the time and environment available to children, imposing not only food but also knowledge can cause allergies to children

Let’s create a favorable environment for them and increase their learning ability in the best way according to their wishes and make them good people in the society.


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This post is also available in: Tamil