Saturday, February 4, 2023

Fitness Mistakes…Time to Fix!


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Fitness Mistakes …Time to Fix!

Fitness Mistakes

We will have many plans this year to make this new year 2023 more special. One thing that always features is health and related programs.

At the beginning of the year, many people think of going to the gym.

That too we have decided to gain, lose or maintain body weight. So, if we know some important information before going to the gym, we can work towards our goals even better. Let’s learn how to correct fitness mistakes.


1. Menstruation…


Many women hit the gym during menstruation. This is completely wrong. These three days are a time of rest.

A lot of changes happen in our body and mind these days due to changes in hormones. Therefore, heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided.

If you want to exercise beyond that, you can walk at a moderate pace.

And muscle relaxation exercises for the back and abdominal area can be done by consulting the physiotherapist at your gym.


2. Whey protein…

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for the body. It can be taken in food.

That is enough. However, many people take the protein powders that come in cans, thinking that they should be added as supplements. This is completely wrong.

It can also cause hair loss, kidney stones etc. So only those who participate in weightlifting competitions can take it. And if in doubt, consult a nutritionist at your gym.


3. Warmup & Cooldown…


For ten days we will go early and do all kinds of exercises. Then in a few days, due to work load, we will shorten the time and do only exercises. This is completely wrong.

Even if we exercise for twenty minutes, we must first do warm up exercises to prepare the body.

Also, after exercising, cool down exercises should be done to keep the muscles relaxed and the heart rate steady.

If we do exercises without doing these two, muscle spasms, muscle injuries, joint pain, tissue tearing etc. will occur. Therefore, it is better to set aside one hour for our health.


4. Muscle fatigue…


We do not know any difficulty when we wash clothes like blankets, bed sheets by hand. But, the next day the pain will appear. This is Muscle Soreness.

This also comes when you are new to exercise. The first two days will be exciting. But in two to three days the muscle pain will be worse.

Even climbing the stairs, a daily chore, seems difficult. Because of this, many people may think, ‘If I go to the gym, I will feel pain… we can go for a couple of days’.

This is wrong. As we continue to do a task, the muscle becomes accustomed to it. So it will get better in the first couple of days.


5. Diet and exercise…


Some people think that they can lose weight through diet. Some people think that exercise alone is enough and eat fatty foods every day.

Both of these are wrong methods. Diet and exercise are interdependent.

Also, lifestyle changes like proper sleep and peace of mind should be made.


6. Exercise Tips…


Physiologists at the gym will prescribe exercises that are suitable for each individual.

How many times to do it, how much weight to lift, and which exercises will help you get the most out of it all.

So we should avoid doing exercises they don’t recommend, lifting heavy weights, watching YouTube etc.

Otherwise, muscle injury and tissue problems are more likely to occur.


7. Don’t rush…


It’s time to correct those fitness mistakes. Many of us decide at the last minute that we want to lose ten kilos in two months, we want to get married in one month, so we need to lose more weight and become slim.

In this way you can easily lose weight in a short period of time. But this does not make you healthy later.

And often there may be problems like physical fatigue, body pain, and some people may have problems like skin shrinking.

So, do the exercises patiently and without haste.

Therefore, my best wishes to our ‘friends’ to take this New Year in a healthy way.


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