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Viral infection affecting children during winter!


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Viral infection affecting children during winter!

Viral infection

Sun during the day, rain in the evening, snow at night… due to changes in weather conditions, the virus can spread. This infection affects not only children but also adults.
And it is during this period that such viruses are likely to spread more.
Children are especially affected by this virus,” says Dr. Rajkumar, a pediatric infectious disease expert.

This viral infection that spreads during the cold season can affect children and adults like cold and flu.

And since the corona virus has not abated yet, that effect is likely to occur.
When this viral infection increases, it can also cause pneumonia like chest congestion, earache, sore throat.
Colds and fevers caused by viral infections usually last for at most three days.
After that it decreases. But if the fever persists for more than three days, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.
If this is not taken care of, its impact will lead to some other problems.

Another problem during rainy season is fever & vomiting and diarrhea.

Generally, when water stagnates during the rainy season, there is a possibility of pollution due to the mixing of sewage water.

When we drink that water, it can cause diseases like typhoid.

Since water is essential for us, we should make it a habit to drink it at all times, not just during the rainy season.

Next, during the rainy season, due to water stagnation, the spread of mosquitoes will be more. It is important to ensure that there is no water stagnation in the areas around the house.

Discard old broken items, coconut lids, old tires etc.

It is important to ensure that water does not accumulate around the house. Due to this, dengue fever is also likely to spread rapidly. We have to handle these also very carefully.

If necessary, use mosquito nets or mosquito repellent creams.


Influenza can also be a viral infection that spreads during rain and snow.


You can take the vaccine to protect it from its impact. Give this injection not only to children but also to adults.

Vaccination given as a precaution can help children and adults recover quickly if they are affected by flu and cold.

Even if we follow safety measures like drinking distilled water and getting vaccinated, the thing we can always keep in mind is keeping our hands clean. After Corona, many people are taking care about it.

However, we must wash our hands before eating and after going to the toilet. If not, it will cause problems like diarrhea and vomiting.

The physical damage caused by this virus cannot be completely prevented. But we can adopt methods to avoid them. Dont send the children to school if they have a cold or fever caused by a virus.

Adults can also take leave from the office. People with colds and flu can also sneeze and infect others.

They must self-isolate for two days at home.


Other people should not use the same pillow, bed sheet etc. that they are using. It is an airborne infection so it is necessary to be very careful, then food.

Many people avoid vegetables and fruits like mung bean and guava during this period. Because these are water pods. They say they catch a cold. That is a wrong perspective.

As far as nuts and fruits are concerned, they give health to the body and do no harm.

So you can boldly eat all kinds of nuts and seeds in all seasons. All these increase the immune system and not decrease it.

Take care of health and water levels in the body  of when the physical condition is not good. Remember to drink plenty of water for it. Through this, the body gets the nutrients and water it needs.

Because of Corona, many people didn’t get the vaccine that can vaccinate to children for that two years. Be sure to give children the missed vaccinations.

Also, since measles, measles, chicken pox etc. are also spreading, if children have failed to get the vaccine, it is necessary to get it according to the doctor’s advice,” said Dr. Rajkumar, a pediatric infectious disease specialist.


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