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What is dehydration?


Dehydration refers to total body water loss or depletion. A dry tongue or throat or thirst after drinking several glasses of water could mean you are dehydrated. Dehydration is common but awareness about it is low.

Factors of dehydration

Water is not excreted only through urine. The body also loses water through breathing, sweating and also defecation. When the body loses water, it should be balanced by drinking water immediately. Let’s look at the causes of dehydration…




The main form of dehydration in summer is sweating. Due to the humidity in the air, the body expels water through the skin in the form of sweat to cope with the effects of external heat. This causes the body to lose water.


Frequent urination / diarrhoea


Colon absorbs water from food during digestion. But diarrhea prevents this. If you have diabetes or kidney disease you may need to urinate more often. Excessive loss of water from the body leads to dehydration.




Vomiting is one of the main factors. As the body becomes dehydrated, it becomes impossible to drink water to balance this.




As the body heats up, it tries to cool it down through the surface of the skin in the form of sweat. Even if you don’t drink enough water to balance it out when you sweat profusely, the body will become dehydrated.


Symptoms of dehydration


Even a 1% loss of total body water can increase the symptoms of dehydration. There are different symptoms and signs to understand dehydration in adults and then children. They are as follows:


Symptoms seen in adults


*He feels thirsty even after drinking many cups of water.
*Frequent passing of urine less or not at all.
*Mild headache and dizziness; Dizziness too.
*Bad breath due to lack of saliva absorption.
*Fever and chills
* Muscle spasms.
* Desire for sweets.


Symptoms seen in children


Babies can easily become dehydrated if they have a fever or problems with breastfeeding. Symptoms for this…

*Navy yellow or orange colored urine.
*Dry mouth, tongue and lips.
*Slight pitting on top of head.
*Minimum amount of wet diapers in 24 hours.
*No tears when crying.
* Pale or shriveled skin.
* Irritation.


Treatment options


Immediately after symptoms appear, drink plenty of water and also electrolytes to correct the loss.


Treatments for adults


*Electrolyte tablets provide essential electrolytes and also hydration to the body.
*Electrolyte powder restores lost water and then electrolytes in the body.
*ORS drinks increase electrolyte and also hydration.
* When the body suffers from severe dehydration, fluids can be injected intravenously into the blood vessel. It will help you get well soon.


Treatments for children


For children, it is best to see a doctor immediately. However, the following methods can help balance mild dehydration:

* Sufficient amount of water can be given.
*ORS Beverages.
*Lemon juice.

Although there are many ways to diagnose and then treat them, prevention is the most important.

Dehydration can be prevented by following some steps.


*Drink plenty of water frequently and also at adequate intervals.
* Consume juicy fruits including pumpkin and also zucchini.
*Reduce or avoid drinking alcohol.
*Avoid smoking as it causes dehydration.
*Avoid carbonated soft drinks.

Follow the above tips and stay safe and healthy this summer. See a doctor immediately if you experience any severe dehydration.


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