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Thai pongal


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Thai pongal

Thai pongal

The transit of Pagalavan begins at the equinoxes with the Sun entering Makara Rasi from Tanur Rasi. That is why it is called Makara Sankranti.

It is very important to worship Sun all the days of the year. If our body has problems with eyes and skin, we should worship Lord Surya.

Sun worship is very essential for mental stability, strength and good health.

Surya Namaskar plays a very important role in yoga. Thus we can know about the greatness of Pongal festival which is celebrated as a festival to the Sun.
Pongal Thirunal begins with “Bogi”.

Indra has a name “Bogi”. Hence, this day is also “Indra festival”. Varuna is the rain god.

Indra is the ruler of him. Crops thrive only when it rains! Life will live! So in ancient days it was customary to worship Indra, lord of Varuna, as “Bogi”.

Currently, the festival of Bogip is celebrated as “the passing away of the old and the coming in of the new”. Before Pongal, the house is whitewashed and cleaned.

Then they put aside the unnecessary old things. It is customary to burn those old things on the day of bogi.

It is the belief of the people that by this the old evils will be destroyed in the fire and new benefits will arise.

If thai is born, path will be born
Light is born in Dharani
On the visit of Thai’s daughter
Bharani will be born with a way to say!

As the cold of March subsides, the month of Thai pongal brings spring with it and also makes everyone blossom.

Thai Pongal Thirunal is celebrated the day after Bogi as a Tamil festival.

Our forefathers used to traditionally celebrate Pongal by pounding new paddy. Even today people are following this in the village.

Some of the rice husks harvested at the threshing floor are beautifully woven into a decoration and hung at the front door of the house as a posture.

Sparrows sit on the rice grains and eat them. Then it will be as beautiful as the sparrow swinging to see that rice paddies swinging.

They hang it on the door for sparrows.

This shows the generosity of the Tamil to share the food he got with other creatures.

Knowledge of nature about food cycle and ecological equation can also be realized through this.

Pongal festival is celebrated as a festival that gives the thought that wealth, prosperity, happiness, and joy should flourish in everyone’s heart and home.

When Pongal is raging, everyone in the house shouts “Pongalo Pongal” and makes a faint sound.
It is normal to welcome Taithirunala by making kulavai.

It is our tradition to put mangoes and yellow yams around the neck of the Pongal pot, decorate it with vibhuti, sandalwood and kumkum and then add rice, milk and water to it and put it on the stove and say “Pongalo Pongal” while bowing to the sun and thanking the sun.

Some people store the spring water and sprinkle it on their crops.

This Pongal festival is a special life with a mind like milk, clarity like water and sweetness in speech.

A sunless earth would be dark. There will be no rain or water. No life can produce or survive.

The movement of the sun has been the source of life for the earth.

As Pongal is  to be the day Lakshmi comes home, it is that nothing should be taken out of the house on that day to accommodate her.

Likewise, the sugarcane offered to God on Pongal signifies the meaning of our life. The top part of the sugarcane is salty and the bottom part is sweet.

Life is like that.

If you sweat and work hard in your youth, you can live a happy life in your old age.

The taste of sugarcane makes us aware of this fact.

The day after Pongal is a day of thanksgiving for cattle. On that day cows are watered, cow sheds are painted, tamarind, new jaggery, sugarcane, turmeric,
Makkolam is the day to worship the cattle that worked to make agriculture flourish.

It is customary to eat Pongal with rice taken from the new paddy grown on that day.

But this is not possible for city dwellers today. Although they cannot celebrate Pongal with rice from fresh paddy, they buy fresh rice from the shop and celebrate Pongal with it.

Even if there is rice in the house, it is customary to offer fresh rice to Sun God on Pongal.

The practice of worshiping fruits along with sugarcane and also turmeric is still there.

Some people also make different types of Balakara and then share it with their relatives and friends and celebrate it with a sense of community.

Pongal is the culmination of Pongal festival.

The characteristic of Pongal is to end the Pongal festival with joy by seeing relatives, friends and offering sweets.

Thai Pongal, a Tamil festival, is  in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, European countries, North America, South Africa and Mauritius in all countries where Tamils live.


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