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Uterine Transplantation Surgery which gives the gift of motherhood


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Uterine Transplantation Surgery which gives the gift of motherhood

Uterine Transplantation

When some women are unable to conceive a child due to hormonal problems or problems in the formation of eggs, male infertility, any problem in the uterus, they choose artificial insemination, surrogacy, or adoption.

Let’s know about uterine transplantation surgery which gives the gift of motherhood.

But with the help of modern medicine, like heart, liver, kidney etc. organ transplantation, it is possible to implant a replacement uterus, make her pregnant and feel the gift of motherhood, says Padmabriya, Chief Obstetrician.

Here is what he shared with us:

“Generally, one woman in five thousand in the world is born without a uterus. But, his vagina is fine.

It is from this vagina that the ovum develops for a woman to conceive.

Generally, a woman who is infertile for some reason, despite being pregnant, can have an egg produced in her vagina and be fertilized by IVF.

But if the woman was born with no uterus at birth, or if the uterus is underdeveloped and ineffective, or if the uterus has been removed due to cancer, it is impossible for the woman to have a child.

For those who are in this situation, like doing organ transplant surgery for heart, liver, kidney, etc., we get the uterus from the woman’s mother or any of her blood relatives and transplant it into her body through surgery.

This is uterine transplantation surgery.

Thus after removing the uterus through surgery he can conceive and bear a child.

Must be under 40 years of age. He should be healthy and free from any disease.

Similarly, the uterus donor must  and have completed childbearing.

Donor should be related by blood like mother, sister, stepsister, aunt. He should be between 35-60.

He should also be healthy without any disease.

It is on this basis that a uterine transplantation can be performed.

If you ask why this womb transplant, instead of having a child through artificial insemination or a surrogate mother, the woman can conceive and become a mother on her own through womb transplant. With this, he is of the great stress of not being able to conceive a child.

Also, this surgery is only for childbirth.

For a childless couple, this womb transplant is the gift of their generation.

So far only 96 hysterectomy surgeries have been performed worldwide. The first surgery wasSweden in 2013.

So far only 5 to 6 countries have performed this uterus transplant surgery.

As far as India is concerned, the first surgery was performed in Pune. After that and now for the second time, we have conducted this surgery for the first time in our South India.

So far, 49 babies have been born out of 96 operations worldwide.

Another 15 – 20 are pregnant.

Those who were previously unable to have children, resort to surrogacy.

But now many legal programs have increased the restrictions on surrogacy, many people have started resorting to this womb transplant surgery.

In the first week of last December, we have successfully completed this uterus transplant surgery for two women who were born without a uterus.

Both of them have had their wombs donated by their mothers. The surgery lasted for about 16 hours. Presently both the donor and the recipient are doing well.

With this surrogate uterus, pregnant women can have a baby only through caesarean section.

They cannot deliver normally.

Similarly, a donated uterus will remain viable for up to 5 years.

After that, little by little, it becomes dysfunctional and spoils. So, let’s remove that uterus from her body.

Within these 5 years, the woman can have up to two children.

As far as this surgery is concerned, since the blood vessels of both the recipient and the donor are taken and connected, this surgery can only be done with the help of a well-trained and skilled liver transplant surgeon.

In that way, now, we have done this womb transplant surgery for the first time in our South India with a large medical team along with Joy Varghese, the chief doctor in Liver Transplant Surgery.

It is a promising operation. It is a boon to many couples who are longing for a child.”

Chief liver transplant surgeon Joy Varghese shared this with us: “Usually with a uterus transplant, what happens is that even if it’s his mother’s uterus that’s transplanted, it’s not his own uterus? Therefore, the body does not fully accept it.

Feels like a rental.

So, in order to make it work, we give them immunosuppresantal drugs to keep their immune systems down.

After he conceives, we will keep him under extra observation.

Because those who conceive normally face many problems during pregnancy.

So, let’s give them extra watch. In the ninth month we will deliver the baby by caesarean section.

At present, we have completed this surgery on a 24-year-old woman from Tamil Nadu and a 28-year-old woman from Andhra Pradesh.

It is a very challenging surgery. Because generally not everyone can undergo this surgery.

Similarly, we cannot replace everyone’s organ . Both the recipient and the donor must be physically compatible, and only then donate uterus even if it is the surrogate mother.

The biggest challenge we faced was that one of the two women who underwent surgery had a minor mismatch.

But he was healthy. So, we fitted him with the technique of plasma exchange and then performed the surgery.

This is the first time plasma exchange out of 96 uterus transplants worldwide.

He is now healthy.

People need to be more aware about this surgery. As far as I am concerned, first the awareness about the operation should come to the doctors of this field.

Only then,  they can create awareness among people. Now this is a novel and challenging surgery, but I think it will become more widespread in some time.


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