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Family women can also become women entrepreneurs


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Family women can also become women entrepreneurs

Family women

Family women can also become women entrepreneurs if they have the skills. Raji from Vellore is an example of being able to shine in it.

She did not study all major degrees. She has only studied eighth grade.

But Raji who thought he wanted an identity of his own has been making powders from home.

She has been in this business for the past 20 years.

Her powders are supplied to all famous hotels in Tamil Nadu.

She shared about the path of his career development. Family women can also become women entrepreneurs.


* How did you get interest in cooking?


I was born and brought up in Mulokaraipatti village near Tirunelveli. Dad ran a hotel.

As our hotel was operating in Pudukottai Alangudi, we settled there.

Food is always the talk of the house.

At home, father would be talking to mother about what to put on the menu today, what new food to add to the wedding orders.

I had a personal interest in cooking from an early age, as the house always smelled of food.

And my mother is a very good cook. I learned to cook from them.


* When did you start making cooking powders?


Since we are in the hotel business, I got married to someone from the same business.

I got married to Bharti who was an executive in a famous restaurant in Vellore.

It was very easy for me to start this business as my husband was also in the hotel industry.

Also I had a desire to do a small food business at a young age, so I told my husband about my desire.

He is the one I am in the cafe from morning till night.

He advised that you can do a profitable business in a simple way from your home.

It seemed right to me too.

But at that time I got pregnant so I put my business dream on hold for some time.

When my son grew up I told my husband again about my desire and that’s how my powder business started.

In 2002, I first prepared half a kilo of Italian powder using household ingredients.

I gave this to a hotel with my husband’s partner.

As the customers liked its taste, the hotel manager again approached my husband and asked for the powder.

That’s how my powder business was born.

I have to say that Idli Podi was the sweetest turning point in my life.

I could not work alone to increase the orders so I hired two women.

After Idlib powder, I made four powders namely sesame powder, rice dal powder and garlic powder.

I started selling it in packs of 100 grams and 200 grams under the name of ‘Super Home Puds’.

One hotel is two, four is… Now we have been supplying these four powders to major hotels in many towns of Tamil Nadu for the past 20 years.


* Problems encountered in business?


No matter the industry, new product introductions are not easily welcomed. We have struggled a lot to make our products stand out among the masses.

Initially there were some customers who pointed out flaws in our powders as well. I thought about what we should do to make them our customers and not alienate them and made small changes in the product accordingly.

Those who rejected the taste have now become our regular customers.


* Contributors to success?


Both my husband and my son help in maintaining the quality of my products and increasing sales.

And those who work for me. Without them I would not have been able to produce the goods on time as per the orders. They have supported me in all my times.

You have to prepare the powders day and night for a few days. At that time, the two people who were working with me were very supportive.

After that Kumar was the principal of Madurai ‘Temple City’ hotel.

He has been buying the powder from me ever since I started making the powder. He was very impressed with its quality and taste as we prepare it without any adulteration.

As he is also acting as the President of Madurai Hotels Association, many hotels got orders through him.

Now I am supplying my powder to those hotels also.


*Future Ambition… Your advice to family women?


Although my husband was in the hotel business, I gradually progressed in my career.

Our material should also reach the common people. We should start the business with that thought in mind. If you don’t get discouraged by some losses in the beginning, you can definitely see profits if you keep trying.

Family women who do not go to work like me can definitely succeed if they do self-employment that suits their skills without hesitation and with confidence. You can earn good income from home.

My future plan is to create business for many women through me.

When I make my powder to women who want to make a business like making powders for restaurants, they can see a monthly income by selling it.

I am currently working on it,” said Raji.


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