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Summer makeup


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Summer makeup

Summer makeup

The hot weather has started. When you look at the burning sun, your eyes will feel like they are bulging. Women who go to office outside in this sun…

They get up in the morning, put on makeup and go to the office, and before they go to office, all the makeup they put on dissolves and withers like a withered rose.

They want to be fresh not only in the office but also wherever they go out.


One has to deal with both the sweat during the hot season and the onslaught of the scorching sun on the other.

Make-up stylist Radhika gives tips on how to overcome it and keep it as fresh as an apple kept in the fridge.

“Normally, wherever women go out, they don’t go without makeup.

And even if you put on make-up in this hot weather, it all gets washed off due to sweat. Especially in the mouth and nose area.

So only that place will turn black.

Everything looks different when you see it because of sweat.

But even if it dissolves, it should not be awkward to look at. So lets see how to apply summer makeup in hot weather…


Learn about keeping it intact.

Before applying summer makeup, we should prepare ourselves for it. No one maintains that prepareness.

It is important to note that makeup should be applied only after this stage.

If you follow this method, the makeup will stay intact. The first mistake everyone makes when it comes to makeup is putting on sweaty makeup after showering or washing their face.

Foundation is very important in makeup. Since we put on make-up when we sweat, the sweat that comes out through the pores on the skin will dissolve the foundation we are wearing instead of joining the skin.

So rub the face and neck area well with an ice cube ten minutes before applying makeup.

If you don’t have an ice cube, you can spray ice water on your face. This will tighten the pores in the skin and prevent perspiration.

Even if you don’t have both of these, pour the water in a bottle and keep it in the fridge. You can wipe your face well with it.

This tightens the pores in the skin. And the skin smells. All this should be done after washing the face thoroughly and before applying makeup.

Especially people with oily skin should follow this. They always have oily skin. The other side of this is sweat.


Both together make the makeup look clumsy.


They pour water in a bottle and add cloves, mint leaves and keep it in the fridge.

They soak well in water. People with oily skin can wash their face with this water before applying makeup.

Thus, both oiliness and sweat are bound. If you apply makeup after that, it will look good even on oily skin.

Since the foundation is the main component of makeup, it is better to choose a lightweight foundation during the summer season. It means foundation used for simple makeup.

Make-up with high definition foundation should be avoided during this time. If you are sitting in an AC room, you can try high definition makeup.

If you go out a lot, you can use a foundation that blends in with the skin.

This way, even if the makeup is washed away by sweat, the area will not be patchy. The foundation is now also available with sunscreen properties. Sweating profusely when applying sunscreen.

To avoid this, use a foundation with sunscreen. And sunscreen doesn’t last a whole day. It will only work for up to three hours.

So even if you apply sunscreen once, you should wash your face again after four hours.


Only then will it look fresh.


After the foundation, focus on the eye makeup. Eye makeup is not necessary in summer. Just the eye is enough.

Some people put on eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. Avoid them whenever possible. Those who want to apply mascara or eyeliner can use waterproof.

Even if sweat runs down the face, these dissolve and protect the face from turning black. Next to the eyes, the lips are the most beautiful. You can opt for a matte finish lipstick for the lips.

The lipstick also comes with a liquid base. Avoid it in summer. Because in the sun it melts and flows out beyond the lips.

Many people who use foundation also tend to use illuminators.

It gives glow to the skin. Use in the evening when going to a party but avoid in the sun.

This is because it is also sweaty. Makeup is not just about keeping the face bright. This includes hairstyles.

Now it is fashionable to wear open hair.

If you leave your hair completely open during the hot season, the heat will also affect the hair.


This can lead to hair breakage, dandruff and excessive shedding. And since there are so many hairstyles now, you can learn simple hairstyles and do them accordingly. If there is nothing, you can braid it beautifully.

Regardless of the hairstyle, you can cover your head with a cloth or carry an umbrella while going out,” he said about how wedding girls should protect themselves in the hot season.

“While normal women are more concerned about their skin, brides need to be more concerned about it.

While shopping for weddings, you can avoid going during the peak hours and after four in the evening.

If you have to go in sunny weather, it is necessary to wear an umbrella, hat and eye coolers.

Also, some people may experience darkening of their skin when exposed to the sun.

Here are some back tips to avoid it. The skin will be glowing.

*Nungu can be grinded with sandalwood mixed with water and applied on the face and neck area.

*Grind watermelon and kirni fruit and apply on face and neck area. The skin will be fine. Skin color also becomes brighter.

*Grind cucumber and gooseberry. Vitamin C is available. Cucumber also removes excess oil from the skin. The skin will be glowing.

*Dill, gram, curd. Fenugreek and fennel can be soaked overnight and ground with curd and applied to the face and neck. Avoid eyes. Skin becomes cold.

Algae tightens the skin. The skin will turn yellow like fenugreek. Yogurt protects the skin from dryness.

*If the skin is exposed to the sun, it will be dull. If you soak semolina in coconut milk, apply it as a pack and massage it well, your skin will be glowing. Apply these packs for 20 minutes and wash off normally and your skin will be glowing.

Make-up stylist Radhika advises that the skin will always be young and radiant by doing this.


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