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Aroma therapy


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Aroma therapy to regulate the mind


Aroma therapy

Flower medicine called ‘Bach Flower Remedies’ is the ‘sister’ of homeopathic medicine. It originated in England.

Agathiya Siddhar says, “If the mind is pure, there is no need for mantra.” Dr. Edward Bach-Chin, the inventor of flower medicine, said, ‘When the mind heals, there is no need for drugs’.

“These flower medicines extracted from the extracts of flowers can provide instant relief for emotional ailments.


When we live a carefree life, then all our body parts become healthy. Flower medicine is helpful for that,” says Kappaka Anandhi, a flower medicine expert.

“From children to adults, fear, anger, tension, loneliness, overthinking, defeatism, anxiety etc. affect everyone and hinder their functioning. Flower remedies are the solution to all such mental problems. By placing the flowers in clean water and keeping them in the sun, solar energy penetrates and enhances the healing power of the disease.

After that, if you filter the water and add some medicinal substances to it, it is mother’s torture. It is this medicine that works well on the mind and cures physical ailments.


Mind is the basis of diseases. When one’s mood changes, so does one’s health. Mainly the effects of anger, jealousy, fear, hostility etc. can spoil the health. Flower medicine can find a great solution for this.

The herbs obtained from the flowers are given in liquid and tablet form according to the patient’s mental health and health.

From children to pregnant women, this flower cures mental ailments. Cures hereditary diseases, unexpected diseases, chronic diseases etc.


When the energy of the mind cannot be regulated, flower medicine works to regulate the energy of the mind and bring the action from the surface of the mind to the subconscious.


This is the wonderful work of flower medicine. As a result, various rare changes occur in the human body,” said Karpaka Anandhi, adding that the types of flowers in this flower medicine provide solutions to many types of problems.

“There is a medicine for every problem. Whatever is our problem, we should take the medicine as per the doctor’s advice.


Prepared with flowers such as rock rose, impatience, clematis, star of Bethlehem and cherry plum, this medicine relieves stress, fear, future thoughts, pain, irritability, restlessness and invigorates the body and mind. Similarly, the medicine prepared from the plant called Agrimani will give good results for those suffering from depression and alcoholism. Similarly, flower medicine will give good results for all mental problems such as good sleep, blood purification, endurance…

“Edward Bach was an allopathic doctor from England.  Why do humans care? Is there a way to alleviate that anxiety? These questions have been with him since childhood.


At the age of 35, his health suffers. Doctors predict that he will die in three months.


It was then that he became frustrated that we could not even save our lives as a doctor and sought solitude for some time.

He rests by pitching a tent in the nearby forest. The mind feels very light and happy while walking on the forest grass. Those who started researching that there is something in this, realized the truth that ‘the mind is the cause of any disease’.


He firmly believe that most diseases can be cured if the mind is corrected. He roamed the mountains and forests in search of mind-fixing drugs.
Experimented with herbs and flowers. Each flower gave some change in him.


He found and ranked 38 types of flower medicines that helped regulate the mind.


Also, he tested and systematized these flower medicines by giving them alone and in combination with homeopathic medicines.

Today, this flower medicine has spread all over the world and many people are benefiting from it,” says Karpaka Anandhi, who gives many advices about flower medicine on her YouTube channel and conducts online classes on flower medicine all over the world. Along with this, he also conducts painting classes for 150 students.



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