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Herbs to be added in all three seasons


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=\eatHerbs in all three seasons


We are a tradition where food is medicine. Aligning our lives with our Siddha medicine will keep our body and mind fit and healthy.

Siddha medicine is our traditional system of healing, basic comforts. Let’s see what are the ways to restore our health in our actions and habits during the three seasons.

All three seasons – From morning to night, we should learn and practice that whatever we do using herbs and we can live a healthy life. For this reason, there is a wonderful book written by the Siddhas in the Ayush Medical Department entitled “Preventive Medicines” which can be called “Pini Antamaka Vidhi”.

Herbs in all three seasons


Don’t forget to do this daily!

If we look this Pini Antamaka rule, one should wake up in the morning. It is scientifically  ‘Early to bed, Early to rise’ in English.

That means when we wake up after seven o’clock in the morning, the bile in our body increases. So, waking up early in the morning is our first healthy habit.

This does not increase bile in the body. Bile is present in the body after sleeping at night and waking up in the morning.

Drink water first. The basic philosophy of Siddha medicine is to eat ‘shrink the water, multiply the buttermilk and also melt the ghee’. If the water is condensed, the water should be boiled, cooled and drunk.

Boil the water to eliminate jaundice germs, typhoid germs, amebiasis germs etc. . So, it is better to boil the water and drink it.


Tooth powder

Some people are in the habit of drinking bed coffee when they wake up in the morning. This is wrong. Some brush their teeth. Brushing teeth with chemical paste first thing in the morning…

This is also not a good practice. The lauric acid in the paste gives a fresh feeling in the mouth but it does not remove stains or germs from the teeth.

That is why they advertise using charcoal toothpaste, neem paste and salt paste. You can rub on tooth powder instead of toothpaste.

Dry and powder aloe vera, mint, cinnamon, neem, salt etc and use it as tooth powder. Use triphala powder as a tooth powder.


Bath powder

Modern hair shampoos and conditioners are flooding the market. You can use herbal shampoo which is less chemical. Triphala shampoo etc. are available in Siddha medicine pharmacies.

Those who want to use herbal instead of shampoo, can grind the flower petals of hibiscus flower, leaves, buds, fenugreek, green gram, soapberry into powder and use it to comb the hair.


Herb for three meals

Next you can eat dry gooseberry in water. Or make it a habit to wash and eat fresh gooseberries. Eating this gooseberry provides vitamin C and antioxidants.

Thus, It prevents major diseases . Importantly, It prevents diabetes, which is non-metabolic disease, can be prevented.

Likewise, digestion improves. As we take breakfast, lunch and dinner, use gooseberry as an appetizer. That’s why they called it ‘healthy fruit’.


Healthy eating habits

There should be a habit of eating after hunger. Eating with hunger is the first rule of health.

If we take a lot of vegetables, lots of fruits and water in our diet, we don’t need to take any medicine to have a bowel movement.

Similarly,eat non-vegetarian food in moderation. If constipation is a problem they should avoid non-vegetarian food.

You can give tripala mixed with gooseberry, mustard and saffron to them. If there is too much constipation, you can take medicine as per the advice of Siddha doctor.

People who eat a lot of non-vegetarian food can suffer from severe ‘constipation’ due to lack of fiber in their body.


Herbal tea

Avaram flower is yellow in color. Dry and powder aavaram flower and then mix with a teaspoon to make tea and it is good for health.

People with thyroid problems and also diabetics should eat aavaram poo at least once a week. Can be eaten as tea or rasam.



Sleep has a lot to do with the mind. Keep your mind happy.

Being mentally happy and relaxed will lead to good sleep. For those who are suffering from insomnia, Ashwagandha (Asparagus) can be mixed with warm milk after grinding the watered potato.


Care herbs for women

During menstruation women should change sanitary napkin once every 4-6 hours.

Some people only keep one nappy a day. This is a bad habit.

Even during this period of menstruation, women can practice this habit anytime.

Triphala powder or Nuna leaf powder or neem powder can be powdered and used as a wash.

Take 1-2 spoons of any of this powder in water and then use that water as a wash.

Relieves genital infection, bad smell, itching etc. Most of the diseases can be prevented if we use some of the above herbs instead of soap and also paste in our daily life and habits.


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