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Hormone regulation


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Hormone regulation


Hormones are the tools that send chemical messages to our body. The hormone travels through the bloodstream to the muscles and then organs. Hormones also control human growth and height, metabolism, emotions, sexual drive, reproductive function, etc.

When there is a hormone deficiency, even if pills and injections are used to correct it, the side effects still affect us.

Avoid hormonal problems by consuming a hormone-regulating diet and then exercising daily. Let’s know the ways to regulate hormones.


Coconut contains healthy saturated fat. For those who are not used to cooking with coconut oil, it is enough to include coconut in their daily diet. Lauric acid in coconut helps in smooth secretion of hormones. Improves thyroid function. The fat in coconut called ‘triglycerides’ (Triglycerides) helps in maintaining a balanced body weight. It normalizes Metabolism.

Pure coconut oil is best to add in cooking. As refined coconut oil is prepared after boiling, it lacks essential nutrients. Coconut milk, coconut chutney, coconut oil etc. should be included in the diet in some way.


Too much caffeine can disrupt sleep. Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels in the body and also decreases thyroid hormone levels. So, instead of coffee, you can drink two cups of herbal tea, green tea, etc. per day.


Carrots help reduce excess estrogen hormone levels in the body. Estrogen levels are high in both sexes. It is difficult to control.

The fiber in carrots helps regulate estrogen levels to some extent.


Zinc helps in the secretion of the hormone ‘testosterone’ and also cell division. It is a powerful antioxidant. Prevents cancer.

If the body has enough zinc, cell degeneration will not occur. Zinc is rich in seafood, meat, peanuts, almonds, and also dark chocolate.


The balance of the hormones testosterone, estrogen, and also progesterone is related to fiber. Fiber maintains hormonal balance by preventing constipation.

Whole grains, green leafy vegetables, bananas, oranges, apples, and also figs are rich in fiber.

Omega 3 fatty acid

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids help regulate hormones. The hormone carries the information it needs to send to the right place.

Communication within the body will be better. For this, you can eat walnuts, eggs, fish and also flax seeds.


Magnesium is essential for more than a few hundred functions in the body. It provides long lasting healthy sleep. Provides energy to the body and also helps regulate hormones.

Serotonin improves mood and also helps you feel happy. Eat greens, nuts, seeds, fish, bananas, dry fruits.

Good eating habits

The habit of eating healthy food three meals a day is very important along with the above mentioned diet. Our body is a tent that stores energy. Food gives energy.

So, it is very important that those foods are healthy. When we eat like that, the health of our body increases and hence our hormone secretion improves.


Exercising daily can naturally make you feel good. As the exercises like walking and jogging are related to the heart, the heart will be strengthened.

As you exercise, the chemical information of hormones that travel through the blood improves. Thus, it cures stress, fatigue etc. . Swimming, walking, jogging, cycling etc are good cardio exercises.

good sleep

Sleeping eight hours a day is a very good habit. In particular, it is better to sleep between 9pm and 9am.

It’s even more special to sleep with all the lights off. A hormone called melatonin is secreted in our brain.

This is the hormone that increases happiness and brings satisfaction and fulfillment. If we want to secrete this hormone in our body, we should go to sleep early in the middle of the night without any noise.

This hormone is secreted while sleeping like this. So, never miss a good night’s sleep.


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