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Simple ways to sleep


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Simple ways to sleep


Sleep gives rest to both body and also mind. But today many people get sleep only through pills.

“Is there a way to get deep sleep naturally without resorting to pills?”

“Today the mobile phone has completely invaded the lives of many people. Eyes and also brain get tired because they keep looking at a screen that is constantly shining like TV, computer, mobile.

It takes at least an hour for them to return to normal. So, one hour before getting ready to sleep, you should avoid all these.

If the mobile phone is nearby, it often seems to pick it up. So, keep it away.

The bedroom should be used only for sleeping. Do not do office work or watch TV, computer or laptop while sitting on the bed.

Along with this, ‘Sleep Hygiene’ measures to prepare for sleep must also be followed. Lets learn about simple ways to sleep.

What is sleep hygiene?

1. Go to bed at a specific time every day. Get in the simple habit of getting out of bed at a specific time.

2. Eat at least two hours before going to sleep.

3. Avoid foods like curd, eggs and meat at night and then eat easily digestible foods.

4. You can do yoga, meditation, breathing exercises to calm the mind.

5. People who tend to nap in the afternoon should not sleep for more than 20 minutes.

6. Do not exercise after 6 pm; Do not drink tea, coffee or soft drinks. Alcohol should also be avoided. All these can affect deep sleep.

7. Evening walks lead to deep sleep at night. If you haven’t slept for a long time, get up and then take a walk

8. Do not think about the next day’s work after going to bed. Don’t think about unsolvable problems.

9. Be normal if you wake up in the middle of the night.

10. Listening to melodies or songs induces sleep. 11. Drinking cow’s milk at night and also eating an apple and banana salad will bring you a restful sleep.

12. It is better to wear loose clothes when going to bed. Don’t go to sleep with wet, tight underwear.

Sleep Inducing Techniques!

Habits like reading books and then listening to songs can help induce sleep. But, it cannot be said that they are suitable for everyone. There are a few ways to induce sleep.

Count to 100!

After going to bed room count backwards from 100 to `99, 98, 97…’. If you start thinking like this, all your attention will go to it. This will stabilize the mind and in no time you will forget yourself and fall asleep.

4-7-8 formula to help sleep!

The `4 – 7 – 8′ breathing technique is recommended in some Western countries. This is a simple method introduced by a scientist named Andrew Weil for people suffering from insomnia. “If you focus on breathing, stress will come under control,” he says. That is, “while inhaling and exhaling, the brain stops its activities and automatically comes to a state of calmness. Before starting this exercise, make a sound of `wush wushsh…’ orally and exhale completely.’

Step 1

Close your eyes and inhale deeply for four seconds. To count the seconds, count `1, 2, 3, 4…’ and inhale.

Step 2

Hold the inhaled breath for seven seconds and then remain silent.

Step 3

Exhale steadily for eight seconds. Do this three times in a row. When done continuously, sleep embraces the eyes. In the next three minutes you will fall into a deep sleep.

Attention: Not everyone can follow this technique.

Avoid it in patients with sinus problems, elderly and lung related patients.




Follow these five steps when going to bed to sleep.

Step 1

Lie down on your back with a comfortable pillow to keep your face up and then close your eyes. All parts of the face such as mouth, jaw, facial muscles should be relaxed without moving.

Step 2

Stretch arms straight on both sides of the body. The palm should spread the fingers. This relaxes the shoulders and arms.

Step 3

Take a deep breath and relax the chest area. Then start from the nose and observe the air entering the lungs for a few minutes.

Step 4

Relax from thighs to feet. When you complete these four steps, you will feel relaxed from head to toe.

Step 5

Next, relax the mind. When some memories are brought to the mind, the thoughts are not scattered and then the mind becomes calm. For example, imagine a calm lake… as if you were the only one in a boat floating on it. Or imagine lying in the open with nothing around you, with the moon and stars in the sky.

Imagine a waterfall pouring from a high mountain or a natural environment that relaxes your mind. If the mind does not relax even after doing these things, you should say to yourself, ‘Don’t think, don’t think…’.

If you follow any of these techniques, the problems of the day will be forgotten. Although these techniques may not seem to work at first, they become a workout for the brain and also help with sleep.

Treat snoring, sleep walking and mouth breathing by an ear, nose and throat doctor. It is better to follow the doctor’s advice if you have a serious sleep disorder like insomnia.



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