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Girl child care


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Girl child care

Girl child

The Complete Guide!

A house inhabited by angels is a house inhabited by girls. Caring for girls is as special as girls are.

Because the female body goes through changes in every season. What are the things that should be observed in the care of a girl child from infancy to the blossoming of a flower forest in the rainy season? Let’s know about girl child care.

breast milk

It is best to breastfeed a newborn until one and a half years old. Breast milk contains essential nutrients which are essential for strengthening the immune system of the baby.

A central government study has expressed concern that girls are weaned much earlier than boys.

In fact, physically, girls need more breast milk than boys. After the girl grows up, there is a possibility of anemia due to her menstruation.

Don’t forget that even well-to-do housewives in India have the problem of anemia. A fit physical and mental strength is very important for a woman to conceive and give birth to a healthy child.

For this, it is necessary to make the girl’s body healthy by giving her enough breast milk while she is still a child.

Girl child purity

Be careful when bathing girls and washing their stools and water after passing. Clean the baby’s front and then the back. Because of the structure of the female child’s genitals, they are more susceptible to infection.

When cleaning the back and cleaning the front, the germs in the rectal area are likely to cause genital infections.

Be careful because it can cause everything from kidney infection, vomiting, diarrhea, to serious infections.


There is no difference in vaccinations between boys and girls up to a certain age.

However, the chances of getting cervical cancer due to human papillomavirus in women is increasing recently, so after nine years of age, girls can be vaccinated for this after the consultation of the appropriate doctor.

Teach Good Touch & Bad Touch to girl child

Be careful when touching girls. Good touch to them; Tell me what is bad touch. Stroking the baby’s head, touching the cheek, touching the hands are not wrong, they are good touch.

Touching the baby’s chest, touching the thighs, touching the back, pinching the baby while crying as if in pain are all bad touch. Don’t do these things either. Don’t let others do it.

No matter how important a friend or relative he is to us, if someone does such bad touches, immediately tell them to come back to where you are.

This will prevent sexual violence against children. Don’t kiss babies on the mouth.

You can kiss on the cheek and forehead. Sometimes germs from our body can enter the baby’s body while kissing on the mouth.

Also, kissing on the mouth is not always a good practice. Fix it when someone other than you does it; They cannot distinguish what is wrong.

Many girls who are victims of sexual violence are victims of such misguided guidance.

Pay attention to the clothes

It is important to be careful when it comes to clothes for girls.

As girls grow up quickly, they need to change their clothes more often. In particular, girls begin to grow rapidly after approaching puberty.

Old clothes make the body look tight when worn. Therefore, it is very important to wear clothes that fit your body type.

A civilized and decent taste in dress is always safe. What a person chooses to wear is their freedom.

But it is better that the clothes for girls enhance their beauty and elegance without catching anyone’s eye.


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