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Parkinson disease


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Parkinson disease

Parkinson disease
The life of a plant depends on the nutrition and also maintenance of its root. As well as for the health of a human body

The brain, which is the root of the body, should be healthy.

This is why in Ayurveda, the head of the head is considered to be the most important part of the body, the name of the Parkinson of a brain degeneration in the area. Here we are looking at this tremor.

In the middle of the day, it affects the nervous system and the impact of the movement, low performance in performing an action, and also muscle tightness. In contemporary medicine, they describe Parkinson’s disease.


Causes of Parkinson disease


*Many symptoms in the disease are caused by a decrease in hormone called dopamine in the brain. The symptoms of the disease are exposed only after 80 percent of the dopamine gland. This is due to some brain cells that produce it.

*Parkinson’s disease is affected by nerve endings, causing a neurodegenerative conductor called fiber-epinephrine. Norepinephrine plays an important role in regulating the autonomous nervous system that controls autonomous functions such as blood pressure control.

*The environment is also a major cause of the disease.

*As a hereditary disease.




*The disease. The first sign will begin to shiver. Then, tremors in the head and also arm.
*In this disease, there is rest tremor . That is, the tremor is seen when resting, but when the organs are active, the tremor is not seen; Or, less tremor may be seen.
*Stretching your hands can be found in stiffness.
*Difficulty in speaking, difficulty in walking, difficulty in writing, they will walk.
*Faculty facial structure that does not exhibit emotions.
*Eyes are less likely.
*memory loss.
*This causes slow nerve decay in the body.
*After that, depression, anxiety, dementia can affect dementia, confusion, depression, movement.


The importance of detecting early signs


People always think that the early symptoms of the disease can be regular aged symptoms. Therefore, they are delayed to seek medical help. That is why it is necessary to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. If patients do not start treatment until the obvious symptoms appear, then it will not benefit. It is difficult for doctors to diagnose Parkinson’s disease in the early stages, as there are other symptoms of other diseases such as stroke, meningitis and also Alzheimer.


Parkinson disease


Age: It usually increases the risk according to age. The beginning of the disease begins at the age of 60 or older. In any case, as long as it doesn’t affect many in the family by the disease, one’s risks will be low.

Gender: Men are more likely to have this disorder than women. The impact of toxins such as herbicides and pesticides can increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.



Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatments


*Herbal Powder Massage: Drugs, Tripala Surana, Cargo Sun.

*Herbal Herbal (Scalp): Mix one of the appropriate medications with the rodical sorcery.

*Abhiyangam (Massage): In medicinal properties, carcassastati balm, fellow balm, mushroom balm, propaganda can help to improve toxins from the body and improve the body’s movements, reduce the body’s movements.

*Padra Pinda Swethanam: Dressing with herbal leaves.

*Virasanam (giving medicine to the panic)is a variety of balm.

*Strait: Pouring herbal oils throughout the body.

*Nashya Treatment: Dripping in the nose.

*Giving Vasti – Enama.

*Sirovasti – Storing the oil on the head.


Uses of Yoga Training:


Yoga training for Parkinson’s disease will help strengthen the nerves and also get good night sleep.

*Masha Atma Guptadi Milk

*Cattle Seed (Kapikachu Bija) Surana

*Tippili Surana

*Asvakanda Sunnam-  Strengthen Asvakanda Surana  by mixing with a teaspoon of 100 ml of milk daily.

*Ashtavarka brew



*Aswaganda Arishtam

*Rasonati drain


Dill that controls sugar levels!


Dill is an important material in cooking. The use of dill in the diet has a lot of benefits. Its benefits are to alleviate body heat, protect the heart, and also reduce sugar levels in the body. However, instead of using foods in cooking, you will get extra benefits to eat sprouted dill. sprout protein, vitamin C, iron, and also potassium than eating dill.


How to germinate?


Soak the dill for 6 hours. Then tie it in a white cloth. And then after 8 hours, it will sprout well.




*This is an excellent medicine for people with diabetes. For 3 months, the dill that sprouted will come under the control of the sugar. Further increase insulin secretion.

*Problems, including diarrhea, abdominal pain and also cysts

*Strengthen the nerves. Then cold the eyes.

*Dill is in paranoia to cure chitabeti and also hemorrhoids.

*Sprouted dill will dissolve the fat in the blood. This does not cause heart failure.

*Mothers can eat milk sprouted dill. This is the best solution to the menstrual problems of young women.


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This post is also available in: Tamil

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