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Ways to save your backpain


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Ways to save your backpain



Ever since the world started moving behind the computer, man has paved the way for many diseases.

No one can deny this fact. We are accustomed to accept these changes just as we have accepted the changes brought about by the computer revolution in the country.

Muppogam paddy fields have been converted into residences and computer worms have become habituated to live there.

Working in front of the computer for long periods of time can cause many ailments. Here we can learn about one of them, back pain and how we can avoid it.

The cord is a micro safe design. There are 33 vertebrae in our body.

You can feel these back bones with your fingers when you gently press and feel along the midline of your back.

When we are constantly sitting in front of the computer and working, we in the spine put those bones under stress. Ways to save your backpain.


What are the possible effects of this?


Our spine, which can bear up to a certain pressure, first loses its strength little by little as the pressure continues to increase.

As it loses its strength, its design begins to change slightly.

Bones that are deformed by increased pressure then slowly begin to wear away over time.

Doctors call this as back bone wear. (spondylosis / spondylolysis) The first two conditions can be controlled and corrected by us.

Doctors call this prevention better than cure. But only after we pass from this stage to the third stage do we seek a doctor. This is nothing to blame on human nature.



Absolutely avoid facebook, orkut, blogging, crawling for a long time while lying down. It is very important to adjust our computer to our height.

Make sure the chair you are going to sit and work on is the right height and comfortable.

The back rest of the chair should be at the right height and firm.

It is best to use chairs at a height where your feet always touch the floor.

Avoid sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time. Get up every two hours to drink water.

Standing up and walking will refresh your blood flow, which will take some time off the pressure on your spine.

We start staring at the computer screen due to workload. Avoid this as soon as possible.

Turn your eyes left and right once every 45 minutes as long as possible to widen the line of sight and return to the screen.

You can bend your back a little to the right and left and do a little exercise and sit again. It is good that your spine is as straight and vertical as possible.

But we can’t do this, that’s why the chairs come with a modern design keeping this in mind. Buy and use specially designed chairs for that! Save your back as much as possible.


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This post is also available in: Tamil